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People can only give you a hard time when you are trying to do the right thing
if you was doing something else they wouldn’t know
or would be too pussy scared to say or do anything back
we live in a time when banks can put people and business out on the streets
and stupid government officials are offended by the word cunt
come and tell me something to my face so I can kick your fucking teeth
out you cunts…!

Quiet my foot… I start with the good old fashioned Jamaican way of conversation starting by kissing me teeth ;s (ok the remaining ones ;o)….. you carn’t moan unless your prepared to do something about it…. you carn’t do something about what you don’t know…. and thus after my little jaunt into directed society I step back thinking what the fuck ;s….. I’m asked all the time am I mad to live in a place where if you don’t drive it takes you two buses and an hour to reach a city ;s and if that wasn’t blasted bad enough it takes two and a half hours to reach back ayard ;o like they didn’t want you to fing leave ;s …. Leicester, multi cultural to the point that one almost feels illiterate being unable to read or write in another language ;s ;o …. segregated by shop, housing or work district ;s the only visible difference being where the drunkards hang out… it is with some fascination that over the last four weeks that I have observed the territorial behaviour of….. those whom seem not to work full time ;o for three weeks it has been the same group…. not so visible in the morning but you do occasionally see one or two worse for ware but just as loud if somewhat blurry eyed 8D…. but by 4.15 in the afternoon they are once again at full swing can in hand eyes and bodies rolling as if to some distant imagined or remembered tunes and all the while acting for the captive and changing audience of commuters…. commuters ;s some in fear some in amusement but most seemingly too tired to care to engrossed in music book phone or food to want to surface and see that reality of defiance in body and defeat in the eyes mind and spirit… for to see is to hear the brokenness of it all that acceptance of death to all that could have been… and between the two, drunkards and commuters, I see no difference….!


The drunkards have changed…. a new group has taken over the spot… there are one or two from the first group… not sure if that’s the same dog though ;s what was cantered at the base of a tower block ;s if you can call it that as it’s not like up to the 20th floor or anything ;s is now gathered about the three benches in the middle of the road ;s one of those island things… don’t know what doughnut thought of such idiocy who in their right mind would want to sit in the middle of a double bus and car lane sucking in fumes ;s ;o ….. this group is louder… less concealing with the alcohol… the only bags in sight are those carrying more beers cider whatever…. and the commuters are aware of the change and are more… alert…. the dog barking… a raised voice… an unusual noise and even those with headphones on peek in that direction… as if there is something to be feared…. and in this reality there is…. for it almost comes over in waves…. the previous group while loud, boisterous where in essence jolly and at times while overly so in the carrying out of their drunkenness polite to commuters and good looking gal’s 8D…. this new group were/are not…. this group is just that little bit more seemingly detached from what’s about them to be more about them… raised voices can be heard most of the time… testy movements and interactions for this has seeped into the physical realm and it is this that the commuters feel and anticipate for it is now one road nearer, it is within eye contact range… reality just moved a little closer to home….!


Enter one of the buildings and you have entered them all….. each floor is occupied by an entity… each entrance has a security guard or two or three ;s… the exceptions are the government buildings which have small private armies and your not to go to another floor until directed to do so… the individual who will guide direct and confront you is not interested in your opinion story or reason for being for you as an individual are not important you are part of a story and they are doing the telling… if your a new seeker go sit over there… do you have an appointment yes thanks don’t care up to the next floor and sit… any attempt at humour will be noted and held against you for sarcasm and challenging behaviour ;s


Fourth floor CAB…. despite the smells of the lower floors sometimes weed sometimes urine sometimes something you just shrug at and think mannnnn …. a quiet waiting room… no one talks other than too that person they came with… every nationality race or culture that you could think of… sit there for a morning and you have a good chance of seeing meeting or greeting one… all seeking help with an aspect of the system that they have come into contact with… not sure of its boundaries…. confused by it bureaucracy…. aware of it fallacies…. confined by its autonomy… stomped by its commonality for that is what seems to hit home the hardest the fact that sorry but that’s life Jim but not how we want to know it ;s…..


In the midst of it all I find a space in a room shared with other spaces… like bubbles of oneness we Move in around and past each other for our purposes are our own… and yet I dared to poke a bubble just to peek within… and what colour there is in the world and that’s where this story begins………

if it was just a job y’all woudnt’ be taking it so personally… chua just tell the truth it’s ya life it is in fact who you are….!

No such thing as institutional racism accountability and acceptability are in hiding under such labels



I do have difficulty with justification from those individuals whom have aspects of control of the lives of others within their remit in regards to their work related activities for surely if you choose to do or allow to be done that which can be perceived as wrong then are you not in fact endorsing all actions that follow as a consequence of your act or omission and thus that I try to help where I can is just total and utter bullshit in your capacity as whatever you willingly allowed another harm justify it how you want there are no innocent or naive people working for governmental departments you in fact are fully aware of the requirements of your position….! Thus there is no notion or concept of institutional racism for it is you in your capacity and ability to make a choice that chooses to be racist and as such the notion of institutional racism has left itself open to challenge where an individual has and continues to carry out an act or omission knowing this will adversely affect an individual or group more so than any other within society…!


No such thing as institutional racism accountability and acceptability are in hiding under such labels

Free Pro Bono help with a barrister is still available free
so for those of you who may be able to take your concerns
and issues as far as court proceedings do not be put off by
the court representation and the intimidatorey methods that
so many inappropriate barristers and solicitors seem to steep
to in order to win a case especially those involving local government
representations which seem to base so many of their cases upon
character assassination and accusations based upon hearsay rather
than fact….
you can be put forward for local representation by your local CAB
http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/ or local representative MP (unless
of course it’s him your taking to court ;o ;s) be insensitive and assertive
as neither of the above are very forthcoming with such requests and
will try and fob you off… the notion of governance is accountability and
responsibility both of which our current government seem to have forgotten
or ignore when reminded of such…!

DWP mandatory work activity‏


Below is a copy of the letter/request that I have sent to those organisations whom claim to be acting upon behalf of and with the minority communities within England. My greatest fear and concern is that their affiliation to our government goes way beyond mere economic attachment to the point where they are willing to turn a blind eye to racist legislation directed at those same communities and individuals whom they supposedly represent. A list of those contacted can be found at the end of this document. As and when I receive their replies I will post notification here. Discrimination is lead from those at the top and implemented by those further down the chain. It is fast becoming comfortable enough for these bigots to openly display and voice their racial hatred for others. For this not only to be displayed upon the streets of Britain but voiced by it’s government is merely a glimpse of what is to come.


To whom it may concern.









To whom it may concern:

Having been advised that I was to take part in the governments compulsory work program whereby individuals up and down the country are being forced to work between four and eight weeks at thirty hours per week I thought I would have a look in detail at the work programs ethos and underlying agendas. I was somewhat disturbed upset and distressed to find out that every organisation that had an input into the proposals when they were still a white paper voiced their concern over the discriminatory implications that any such legislation would have upon our communities. The government chose to ignore all raised concerns and implement the proposed actions regardless. In so doing the government has sent a clear message to all minorities within this country that they are willing to implement policies that are inherently racist. As such I have two questions. One are you aware of this discriminatory practice and two what are you doing about it.




Richard Bradley Wilks


Below is a link to the policy concerned and the identification recommendations in relation to the DWP Mandatory Work Program


The British Government has enforced its first racist legislation….!

Any black person on the jobcentre’s compulsory work programme needs to contact their local citizens advice bureau…. the work programme is a racist piece of legislation aimed at all people of colour as such I am challenging the government and it’s implementation. The Citizens Advice are aware of the issue and is collecting all information from any individual that approaches them. You can also raise the issue with your jobcentre but they are attempting to deny that it is aimed mainly at black males I am also in the process of taking them to court for discriminatory practices. If this racist legislation is not withdrawn the government will subsequently have the authority to start introducing other legislation that will break human rights and can be directed towards any group in society that it so choose. Use your rights before you lose them…….!

~ Some days…. ~.

some peeps just say it so much better than me ;D love this ;D

What happened to honour

I know more honourable thieves than policemen as most thieves can not be brought

I know more respectful cleaners than teachers as cleaners have accepted their positions rather than imagined them

I know more educated security guards than council employees for the former really do want to protect and serve rather than the latter whom pretend and manipulate

I see and hear more honesty from the homeless than for those making social policy and dictating how others should act while doing the opposite

Had our society been built from the bottom up rather than being built upon those at the bottom then surely we would not see the abuse of power that we do, the rape and manipulation of not only children but their innocence nor would we have the conditions that we do whereby the government now feels comfortable enough to endorse racist policies and legislation knowing of its impact upon the populace to say nothing of the way we treat our elderly those with disabilities and those not in employment. For the only value that one has in a modern society is that of commerce.

Does not death bring that release

From anguish from the despair of

Of dying for in life was it not always

The same that constant denying that

Things could ever be the same that

Loss of peace which your eyes and

Persona became after each and every


Did I not love you enough for you to

Care was I not able to show you how

It was I did care for the children of this

World but yet you pursued me as if I

Did deserve the hatred in your eyes

Come quickly now say your goodbyes

For the morrow it will be your turn

We will meet again soon

When death does bring me

To that room of in between

In that time then all your screams

Of anguish and despair shall

I answer and give not a care

For in death shall be my vengeance

As I stand judgement over those

Things that were done in lights

Knowledge did not come seeking

All that was me

We shall meet upon the terms of

Those things that you considered

To be in darkness for ever more but

Were reveal by the last sound of

Trumpets on that final dawn of all

That remains of inhumanity come

Let us reason now for it is your soul

Which is at stake and I am as harsh

In my deaths robe as I was in the

Darkness of light

Don’t forget my beauty and

Remember that for you it did

Grow reaching for those places

That many dream of but seldom

Do know the true nature of it

All for with you love I was able

To stand tall among the grass

And the seeds from your heart

Like words to me called out my

Name always there always the

Same like the rising of the sun

I looked up and saw my way you

Did come with your compassion

With you smile your smells and

Such fascination brought me to

My knees

Don’t forget my beauty and

And those things you did which

Allowed me to be me for I have

Not forgotten your love

A spider crawled into

My eye said he wanted

To see me from there he

Went in to my mind said

He wanted to be me and

Seek those dark corners

So hard to find in those

Spaces he was ever so kind

And built his web hoping

To find all those loose things

Floating in time and lost


A spider crawled into

My mouth headed do my

Throat said he was going

Down south past the lungs

And heart he wanted to reach

My feet a good place to start

His search for reality for a place

A dwelling in which he could

Be master of his own realm

He stated he had no fear and

Wanted to quell the vibrations

Of my heart wanted to heal me

Wanted to start sharing his visions

With me for he was of the opinion

There was more to me than that

Which met his eyes

A spider crawled into

My heart not one of the others

From the outside did start but

One born of me wanted to make

Sure I was me for he had heard

So many things that his little legs

Had brought him to bring a wonder

To his world for he had a feeling my

Insiders were hurt from the living

Of it all now my spider is 5″9″ tall

And walking where ever I go and

Should the light change quickly

Then surely he’ll show himself

For what he is my support my

All that I can give for the spider

Is now me and in that take over

He did set me free from the restraint

Of it all you’ll find me climbing

Some tree or wall for the spider

And I did change place no fuss no

Argue no loosing of grace for it was

Done gracefully that deal that was

Made between spider and me to

Experience the other to have a

Change and possibly discover more

Than either could see for now I am

Him and he is me

A red rose for my garden

Sweet smelling beauty

Fresh from my heart

Sharing the sunshine

Of which we are part

A red rose for my garden

Attracting the bee’s

To come and see me

And that space that

Is made for a pardon

To compensate for that

Longing to be free and

Spend my time in the fields

Of life looking and searching

For that other way to be

A red rose for my garden

Merely a representation

Of that I see with my minds

Hidden eye

Beauty in all under this sky

A red rose for my garden

Looks so alone now so

Sad am I for that

Red rose in my garden

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