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Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

From gazes from silence from spoken word

And I have to wonder and ask my self why

Could I not be like the others with blind open

Eyes not seeing the hurt or feeling the pain

Not wanting to feel to be just normal again

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I have to ask have I been blessed or am

I cursed for such are the things that the mind

Does bring to one in consideration and anticipation

Of the ways of my fellow beings

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I am overcome with the weight of it all

No longer able to stand no longer tall in my

Capabilities for at such times my sanity does

Abandon me to this life of seclusion without

Listening ear amongst deliberate confusion

Of all that there seems to be here

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And would give in fade out disappear from

This world without a trace of my having been

Without knowledge of those things that I have

Seen but even death does avoid me not giving

Me the strength to destroy me and make it like

I never was

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am alone in this place that

One can not call home for it is not where the

Heart is but more like that place were deception

Was started with a view to my destruction

Lies deceit come to full mutation in the guise

Of those meant to help but instead they poke

And make me yep from the injuries to my mind

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am not part of this held as I

Am mere alone and captive to this degradation

Built in are notions and means for frustration

For some this is only a game but for me it is

That repetitive same of we hate you

Stolen was my heart while my mouth

And mind were open did not I see but

Not recognise within that which was seeking

For my downfall to bring to an early beginning

Where was my armour in the glow of your

Smile that confused me and made me stop

A while to smell the roses beneath you

You are love and I will
Not fear you nor looking
Away when your mind does
Steer you in that distant
Constellation in search of that
Other that the mind does
Conjure in order to bring
About doubt from the fall
Of reality landing in that other
Place that is meant to be but
Merely restricts the physicality
Of the body but I know this that
You are love and I will not
Deny the self

Did not the mornings kiss
Of dew awaken within thee
A tranquillity of mind and soul
So seldom do we find such
Clarity of pureness within while
We look without for those things
That have been lost since the dawn
Of mans awakening to the notion
Of greed to stand where once was
God but now no need for money
Can buy one life immortal if only
In that portal of space we call hyper
Not for its speed but for the quickness
Of humanity to take to that which is
Prosperity of the mind and body for
We now run a thousand miles and leave
Not a care or comfort behind for the body
Has remained at home

Echo’s of the trees dreaming
As the wind rustles the branches
Causing the leaves to tremble in
That distant land of dreams in which
Lost reality of darkness now as it brings
An end to a day’s endurance and those
Questions begin to rest their weary
Minds in the darkness of the corners
Which light somehow does not find
Even in the brightest of summer days
And again the church bells play out a
Chorus for no apparent reason than the
Liking of the sound as to the echoes of an
Era gone by where man’s heart and mind
Were captured by a spirituality that somehow
No longer do we find it consoling of the death
From deep within and again troubled times
Are behind us and we take that breath
Of contentment and neglect

Come hold my heart with
passion should the passing
of the night not last till that
time of dawns awakening
to find me in that place of
no return

No return do I find from that
place of another kind of expression
do I see in the eye of the blind
that do seek to give direction
to what it is that has deceived
their very sight

Their very sight does drive me
with glee of imagination for that
place they would rather see my
soul drown to keep company with
the lost of the deep

The lost of the deep now know
that place for thee is where it was
made in that instant compromise be
came the companion of lies
come hold my heart

Does the rain fall deep
at heavens door do the
angels they dream on as
demons snore and think
of victory

Does the rain fall deep
in the darkest of nights
will it seek to enter the
driest plight of that which
used to be

Does the rain fall deep
within your heart easing
the eyes in that bid to
start that process of being
at peace

Does the rain fall deep

Why is it that governmental officials feel that they are not accountable to anyone ;s not even the Department for Works and Pensions bother answering complaints or enquires now ;o is that because they are informed not to or is it that everyone really is that fucking bad at doing their jobs ;o my pet hate is incompetent assholes whom tell you to follow rules and then do not themselves which I suppose applies to every government employee ;D I had some copper phone me up the other day to tell me that I will shortly receive a summons in the post before he went on to say that he’s investigating one of my complaints yeah right you fucking twat that’s impartiality isn’t it I’m fed up with complaining to you people only for you and your bum chums to go on another training exercise to learn what you should have known when you took up your fucking jobs in the first place incompetent bastards the lot of you….!

within alone that comfort
of seclusion the only intrusion
being those that we love oh
how the comforts of the night
fade so quickly of the mind
in it’s times of rest for do those
concerns then turn to dreams
of the distant past yet to come
are materialism and its guest
seated at your table of desire
and yet morning comes and brings
that which like a gun puts an
end to all fantasies of that which
to come has not

can you feel it life
has changed less is
the time for fun and
games for the eyes
are seeing clearly now
and not sure when if or
somehow things will never
be the same

can you feel it life
is here taken now
replaced with uncertainty
and fear are the dreams
of yesterday forgotten
are the fights and the
scars now faded in the
sunlight of deception are
we no longer walking

look how the moon
does call to us in the
deepest of nights
asking showing expressing
to us all natures ways
there to find in the passing
of life’s tides

Look how the moon
does bow to us bending
time and space revealing
things of distance only
seen should one not haste
the time of passing shadows

Look how the moon
does glow

To have the self defined
can only be in the eyes of

To have the self defined
will always be that chance
to discover that which we
can not see from within

To have the self defined
is to close the door of
progression for it is thus
that we limit the mind
to all that can possibly

To protect that to which
the heart is inclined to
forgo all else and yet the
self define to be that other
of space and time to be

To protect that to which
the mind does stray to
find in all hatred yet another
day to pick up the pieces
and loudly say I’m going
nowhere but here

To protect that to which
the future is held freedom

reading the words of another
that attempt to define and
possibly discover that which
is the self….

to be positively inspired
to seek past that look of
despise to try and find that
thing that knows no light
but only finds darkness in
the deepest of nights shadows

to be positively moved
to see what it is that motivates
those actions so rude in
the expression of their master
for to display that within
should be the only desire

to be positively

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