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Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

From gazes from silence from spoken word

And I have to wonder and ask my self why

Could I not be like the others with blind open

Eyes not seeing the hurt or feeling the pain

Not wanting to feel to be just normal again

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I have to ask have I been blessed or am

I cursed for such are the things that the mind

Does bring to one in consideration and anticipation

Of the ways of my fellow beings

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I am overcome with the weight of it all

No longer able to stand no longer tall in my

Capabilities for at such times my sanity does

Abandon me to this life of seclusion without

Listening ear amongst deliberate confusion

Of all that there seems to be here

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And would give in fade out disappear from

This world without a trace of my having been

Without knowledge of those things that I have

Seen but even death does avoid me not giving

Me the strength to destroy me and make it like

I never was

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am alone in this place that

One can not call home for it is not where the

Heart is but more like that place were deception

Was started with a view to my destruction

Lies deceit come to full mutation in the guise

Of those meant to help but instead they poke

And make me yep from the injuries to my mind

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am not part of this held as I

Am mere alone and captive to this degradation

Built in are notions and means for frustration

For some this is only a game but for me it is

That repetitive same of we hate you

Stolen was my heart while my mouth

And mind were open did not I see but

Not recognise within that which was seeking

For my downfall to bring to an early beginning

Where was my armour in the glow of your

Smile that confused me and made me stop

A while to smell the roses beneath you

Did not the mornings kiss
Of dew awaken within thee
A tranquillity of mind and soul
So seldom do we find such
Clarity of pureness within while
We look without for those things
That have been lost since the dawn
Of mans awakening to the notion
Of greed to stand where once was
God but now no need for money
Can buy one life immortal if only
In that portal of space we call hyper
Not for its speed but for the quickness
Of humanity to take to that which is
Prosperity of the mind and body for
We now run a thousand miles and leave
Not a care or comfort behind for the body
Has remained at home

Why is it that governmental officials feel that they are not accountable to anyone ;s not even the Department for Works and Pensions bother answering complaints or enquires now ;o is that because they are informed not to or is it that everyone really is that fucking bad at doing their jobs ;o my pet hate is incompetent assholes whom tell you to follow rules and then do not themselves which I suppose applies to every government employee ;D I had some copper phone me up the other day to tell me that I will shortly receive a summons in the post before he went on to say that he’s investigating one of my complaints yeah right you fucking twat that’s impartiality isn’t it I’m fed up with complaining to you people only for you and your bum chums to go on another training exercise to learn what you should have known when you took up your fucking jobs in the first place incompetent bastards the lot of you….!

can you feel it life
has changed less is
the time for fun and
games for the eyes
are seeing clearly now
and not sure when if or
somehow things will never
be the same

can you feel it life
is here taken now
replaced with uncertainty
and fear are the dreams
of yesterday forgotten
are the fights and the
scars now faded in the
sunlight of deception are
we no longer walking

look how the moon
does call to us in the
deepest of nights
asking showing expressing
to us all natures ways
there to find in the passing
of life’s tides

Look how the moon
does bow to us bending
time and space revealing
things of distance only
seen should one not haste
the time of passing shadows

Look how the moon
does glow

To protect that to which
the heart is inclined to
forgo all else and yet the
self define to be that other
of space and time to be

To protect that to which
the mind does stray to
find in all hatred yet another
day to pick up the pieces
and loudly say I’m going
nowhere but here

To protect that to which
the future is held freedom

what is it that you claim
not to know is it that feeling
within that lets you know that
that which you have chosen
to do really in all reality will
not do for the justification of
your heart does deceive you

what is it that you claim
to be for do you really think
what is done in the dark no
one does see not even you for
to be so inclined you must accept
and believe your own lies to be

what is it that you claim

Have you lost your faith to
rise again to once more look
into the eyes of darkness and
be blinded by the light of

Have you lost your faith to
muster all that you are and
for one last time stand still
against the raging of the sea
and the moon

Have you lost your faith to
call out in anguish as an end
is brought to this physicality
greeting death with arms of

Have you lost your faith to
the battle and lain down your
armour to the defeat everlasting
and thereby have sold and reaped
your rewards for failure

Have you lost your faith too…..


Will the night abandon
tomorrow and say goodbye
to the day and bring about
that darkness of the heart
and mind of man concealing
those things that he can and
has an inclination to

Will the night abandon
the sun and kiss goodbye
to the warmth of her beauty
forever letting go of that
thing which brings about
the seasons to explode in
all it’s glory celebrating

Will the night abandon
the dawn her misty gown
torn to shreds in that dusky
time before death and awakening
from that which we perceive to
be life

Will the night abandon
me to seek solace in that
thing that socially does
bring destruction of mine
own eyes within that seek
to find our true beginnings

Will the night abandon
it’s dreams for each morn
it does give in to its love
and defining moments as
the stars go out one by one
to reveal that which is true
love that morning

Will the night abandon
us yet again knowing of
the anguish and the pain
that is felt from it’s withdrawal
to it’s coming once again
when the body and mind
do fail to continue

This is the lying bastard of a police officer whom came to our home and told us that what happens in school stays in school. And supposedly that I had no say whatsoever in whether or not to pursue the my son’s assault in school. While in our home he repeatedly lied and sought confrontation with myself while at the same time trying to play down the fact that my son had been assaulted. Not surprisingly I have been informed that the police have decided not to do anything about this assault a continuation of not only the schools discriminatory practices but also that of the police, for there has not been an incident in the last seven years where I have not had to take the police to court to force them to carry out what is meant to be their public duty but instead they have continually failed to protect either myself or my children. It’s not the first time I have met this particular officer as he came to our home last year when my neighbor was being verbally abused by a group of youths but the officers concerns then was that I was seen filming the young people being abusive and he was not interested at all in the fact that they were breaking the law at the time. Even then he made it quite apparent that if he could have arrested me for something then he would have done so and on top of that he then lied to say that he was giving me a warning for filming the group of youngsters. Going along those lines no recordable evidence would be admissible in a court including cctv to say nothing of the many video footage and phone pictures that were used in the recent killing of a solder in London.

What concerns me if that this is the 2nd of three complaints that I have raised with the police whom have not only taken their time in the investigation but have so far refused to provide evidence of either carrying out an investigation or the supplying of requested documents in relation to two arrests. While I represent myself in court it is obvious that Oakham police are withholding the information that not only am I entitled to as a self representative but that they have stated they would provide and have thus far chosen not to. Having had five cases where the police have misrepresented information in the last seven years while trying to prosecute me in addition to the four cases where I have had to take them to court in order for them to do their public duty I feel safe in saying that this is institutional racism, that this is discriminatory practice, that this is individuals choosing to use their public office for the carrying out of their own racist bigotry agenda and using their positions to be discriminatory, that this is common practice not only here in the heart of England Rutland but also throughout England…..

It’s going to be a busy week of case law court applications chase up letters the process of democracy is slow to the point of non-existent in the county or Rutland. The police at the moment seem unwilling to supply the information requested or forward on written confirmation of supposed investigations as such their delay tactics are ridiculous and a mere indication of their inability to act professionally on any level still all ammunition for the gun pointed squarely at their heads…. I did notice that there is some kind of new inspector or Rutland police or some such rubbish obviously they have had a shuffle round rather than hold one of their own accountable for anything so much shit and expect-ability in what they do for them it’s a learning cure for others it’s a loss of liberties and rights but always it non-accountablity and the covering of their own asses… I keep telling you I aint done with you yet…..!

Steeples towers clocks and flowers
so many of them built to last
parapets defences gargoyles that
are defensive menacingly offensive
to those that know of the spoils of
war for religion and more are mere
tools of the trade for some to gather
up souls and capture them whole
leaving no option than to get up and
run or give in and become that like
sin lost in the darkness of day


Oh how cheaply we sell the
soul that thing without which
we can never be whole we give
away in our dreams for its the
imagination that makes such things
seen in the distance of the night
then they do seek us and give us
such fright in the true nature of
it all but not many are willing to
acknowledge that call that was made
deep in the night not able to deal
for the body has not flight capabilities
to go and hide where god does not see



Do my eyes they deceive me
For my heart whont believe
Me when I tell it to leave
My mind alone for distance
May pass but to no place
Be last that resting place
A home of the kind where
Peace they can find from the
Pearcingly moan and groan
Of all differing kinds to windge
And whine sambo will you
Not go home oh how harsh
They seem vile and unclean
Do they not even respect their
Own for my family tree traces
Back to thee after Scotland
Ireland Jamaica the blood did
Roam look closely you’ll see
That deep within me your blood
Is finally home

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