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You are love and I will
Not fear you nor looking
Away when your mind does
Steer you in that distant
Constellation in search of that
Other that the mind does
Conjure in order to bring
About doubt from the fall
Of reality landing in that other
Place that is meant to be but
Merely restricts the physicality
Of the body but I know this that
You are love and I will not
Deny the self

Did not the mornings kiss
Of dew awaken within thee
A tranquillity of mind and soul
So seldom do we find such
Clarity of pureness within while
We look without for those things
That have been lost since the dawn
Of mans awakening to the notion
Of greed to stand where once was
God but now no need for money
Can buy one life immortal if only
In that portal of space we call hyper
Not for its speed but for the quickness
Of humanity to take to that which is
Prosperity of the mind and body for
We now run a thousand miles and leave
Not a care or comfort behind for the body
Has remained at home

can you feel it life
has changed less is
the time for fun and
games for the eyes
are seeing clearly now
and not sure when if or
somehow things will never
be the same

can you feel it life
is here taken now
replaced with uncertainty
and fear are the dreams
of yesterday forgotten
are the fights and the
scars now faded in the
sunlight of deception are
we no longer walking

is it morning yet
can I open my eyes
are the demons back
to bring on surprise
of yet another day of
seeking new ways of
torment for my mind

is it morning yet
in sleep I did forget
that the battles have
still to be fought although
the war was won what
remains is mere food for
the vultures

is it morning yet

Have you lost your faith to
rise again to once more look
into the eyes of darkness and
be blinded by the light of

Have you lost your faith to
muster all that you are and
for one last time stand still
against the raging of the sea
and the moon

Have you lost your faith to
call out in anguish as an end
is brought to this physicality
greeting death with arms of

Have you lost your faith to
the battle and lain down your
armour to the defeat everlasting
and thereby have sold and reaped
your rewards for failure

Have you lost your faith too…..


Vengeance has no master for
it is the consumer of all things
that are man but justice has
a hold upon that which motivates
the hearts and minds of few
to the point of sacrifice and
in so doing brings about that
which is whole in understanding
of itself…


Steeples towers clocks and flowers
so many of them built to last
parapets defences gargoyles that
are defensive menacingly offensive
to those that know of the spoils of
war for religion and more are mere
tools of the trade for some to gather
up souls and capture them whole
leaving no option than to get up and
run or give in and become that like
sin lost in the darkness of day


Oh how cheaply we sell the
soul that thing without which
we can never be whole we give
away in our dreams for its the
imagination that makes such things
seen in the distance of the night
then they do seek us and give us
such fright in the true nature of
it all but not many are willing to
acknowledge that call that was made
deep in the night not able to deal
for the body has not flight capabilities
to go and hide where god does not see



Do my eyes they deceive me
For my heart whont believe
Me when I tell it to leave
My mind alone for distance
May pass but to no place
Be last that resting place
A home of the kind where
Peace they can find from the
Pearcingly moan and groan
Of all differing kinds to windge
And whine sambo will you
Not go home oh how harsh
They seem vile and unclean
Do they not even respect their
Own for my family tree traces
Back to thee after Scotland
Ireland Jamaica the blood did
Roam look closely you’ll see
That deep within me your blood
Is finally home

Close your eyes and imagine
those times of yesteryear
those times of children holding
hands and walking without
fear into the night of the inner
cities surrounded by the glow
of the yellow street lamps under
the gaze of passer-byes enjoying
the moment not complaining of
the cries of merriment and children
saying good byes as the headed
to their homes

Close your eyes and imagine
how it must of felt to know of
safety and that each heart would
melt into the eyes of a child not
concerned with judgement or
notions of running wild but
remembering those times when
to be so young was to be really free
only consideration was to be happy

Close your eyes and imagine
those times for have not our
children lost their childhood is
this not the real crime of living
in a democracy where crimes are
encouraged and paedophiles run free
having more rights than the children
this is depravity this death of the
innocence supported politically

Close your eyes and imagine

End of days they say to me
nothing we can do this is gods
work don’t you see
are you really that crazy are you
really that blind do you not know
that within you god you will find

end of days they say to me
oh get away from here I would rather
be that which tries till it’s dying day
I’ll not lay down while others say there
is nothing we can do for do you not know
that is the devils work too such apathy
of mind to break the spirit I think you
will find

end of days they say to me
borrow my eyes and see what I see
for then you shall know that we are
deceived for the riches of the earth
are constantly upon the agenda of man
supported by his greed

Ok we need to start somewhere so lets draw a line and try to make this country more than it currently is…… Prisons… we accommodate those who are not British nationals and get them to serve their sentences here. Then at the end of their sentence we deport them that’s if they are not going to be treated inhumanly upon their return to the country of their birth. Stop taking the piss and send them back as soon as they are found guilty they knew the risk when they committed the crime so why are the British public not only paying for their detention but also for them for the rest of their lives while they continue to live in Britain. Not interested in the individual cases and justifications if their guilty kick them out we got enough to deal with already and then just maybe then we can concentrate on the rehabilitation of those whom are born here. When British people commit crimes abroad there’s none of this softly softly bullshit going on they are dealt with harshly under the rules of the land they are in at the time.. if they are lucky then the government may intervene on their behalf but there are more that are unlucky than are lucky stop the hypocritical bullshit and get down to the knitty gritty stuff. Give people their warning if you commit a crime and your not a national you will be deported end off the choice is yours…! We need to move forward we need to take a stance we need to make some hard decisions and look out for our own future for no modern government can sustain a continually growing population without consideration and preparation for that which is yet to come. Our governments are always about the now what they can do now what they can get now they don’t give a toss about where the NHS or educational systems will be in five years ten years twenty years because not many of them use these services so thus they are more concerned with tax rebate business tax export tax import tax what the fuck get rid of the lot of them now and have a government that is about the people who represent the people and who are the people….!

Ramblings of a mind forsaken by the
Knowledge and youth of what was
Taken in that search for the truth


My time has been stolen from me
Not space or time to be that which
I chose that path for me that I long
For in the night I wake I sleep I dream
And imagination does creep into the
Now what seemed so deep is some way
Some how but a shadow of what it
Used to be I close my eyes how can this
Be for surly I am mistaken surly I’m
Not forsaken but here I am and I’m still


That silence makes such a heavy sound
Bouncing off walls hitting the ground
Just where we used to walk I see those
Shadows of what used to be you and I
Holding hands still walking by in the
moons glow

That silence makes such a heavy sound
Stolen not before it hits the ground I
Look and I do not see how one was able
To run with the deep into the shadows
Of what used to be my mind

That silence makes such a heavy sound
Devoid of truth I’ve often found weighs
Heavy upon that unsound mind of lies
And dishonesty how can that be such
A possibility when so many claim not
To lie but say they are free

That silence makes such a heavy sound
Chokes me now with emotions found
Deep within and all around this physicality
Am I mistaken is it only me that sees
That yet to come

That silence makes such a heavy sound
Always there is time but never is found
The freedom that runs around like the
Passing of a breeze restricted conflicted
By what is not seen shall I bow or break
Never to be seen like that silence that I
Have found

That silence makes such a heavy sound

No trace of an investigation can be found… information that should be available to the public is missing or just outright refused. What exactly is it that is going on in this County of Rutland home to the largest proportion of millionaires in the country and so many serving and ex members of the government. Is it actually true that money can buy a police force into silence into so many unsolved crimes and in fact pay for them to bring charges knowing full well that they in doing so are breaching the human rights of others. What really goes on behind the scenes in Britain’s oldest recorded county and home to the oldest and richest families in England.

There is something about this man’s death that makes council members and employees very uncomfortable. But from personal experience I know that when the council are informed that they are pushing people to the point where they may break them this does not stop their harassment discriminatory practices and/or behaviour or the bullying of residents or employees. In fact it seems to give them added incentive and reason to pile on even more pressure. The fact that this is led from the top down does not excuse their actions but I can imagine the same tactics being used upon the staff members that they use upon the public and all minorities that come into contact with. There are people in the know down here like the author of the attached article that are too scared to speak out or have injunctions and made up charges laid against them at the slightest mention of the Chief executive of Rutland County Council and several members of the Rutland police force. My advice to you is to stop using the same legal aid tossers and phone me I’ll come and represent you for free. I have successfully defended myself against these racist bigots and inappropriate representatives of local government and judiciary on more than three occasions. You keep using legal aid they are going to keep tying you up in knots. Stand up show some balls and gumption and stop letting these wankers walk all over you…!
















The voice that carries a thousand words
Never spoken never heard does tell me in
The silence of things gone by and yet to
Come without even a whisper or mistaken
Hum between the parting of the lips as
Mousiestend they are by the tongue an
Slightly parted to take in breath I find
Mysel holding mine in expectation of that
To come yet no disappointment is begun
For the expectation is mine
The voice that carries a thousand words
Has spoken my life in turn upon my toes
I find myself waiting expectantly

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