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This is the lying bastard of a police officer whom came to our home and told us that what happens in school stays in school. And supposedly that I had no say whatsoever in whether or not to pursue the my son’s assault in school. While in our home he repeatedly lied and sought confrontation with myself while at the same time trying to play down the fact that my son had been assaulted. Not surprisingly I have been informed that the police have decided not to do anything about this assault a continuation of not only the schools discriminatory practices but also that of the police, for there has not been an incident in the last seven years where I have not had to take the police to court to force them to carry out what is meant to be their public duty but instead they have continually failed to protect either myself or my children. It’s not the first time I have met this particular officer as he came to our home last year when my neighbor was being verbally abused by a group of youths but the officers concerns then was that I was seen filming the young people being abusive and he was not interested at all in the fact that they were breaking the law at the time. Even then he made it quite apparent that if he could have arrested me for something then he would have done so and on top of that he then lied to say that he was giving me a warning for filming the group of youngsters. Going along those lines no recordable evidence would be admissible in a court including cctv to say nothing of the many video footage and phone pictures that were used in the recent killing of a solder in London.

What concerns me if that this is the 2nd of three complaints that I have raised with the police whom have not only taken their time in the investigation but have so far refused to provide evidence of either carrying out an investigation or the supplying of requested documents in relation to two arrests. While I represent myself in court it is obvious that Oakham police are withholding the information that not only am I entitled to as a self representative but that they have stated they would provide and have thus far chosen not to. Having had five cases where the police have misrepresented information in the last seven years while trying to prosecute me in addition to the four cases where I have had to take them to court in order for them to do their public duty I feel safe in saying that this is institutional racism, that this is discriminatory practice, that this is individuals choosing to use their public office for the carrying out of their own racist bigotry agenda and using their positions to be discriminatory, that this is common practice not only here in the heart of England Rutland but also throughout England…..


Rutland County Council and missing monies ;o


Rutland County Council and shrinking Jubilee funds ;s


Meeting one “we have £10.000 for the jubilee celebrations”


Meeting two “we have £10.000 for the jubilee celebrations”


Meeting three “we have £7.500 for the jubilee celebrations”


;o was there a celebration that we missed out on…? Was there a miss calculation of the amount as we know there a fairly uneducated bunch down there or is this the miss application of funds ;s either way no one batted an eye lid and no questions were raised or asked… is no one bloody accountable in this god forsaken county ;s

I regard myself as a developing sprit and as such I am concerned as to the loss of my brothers and sisters to the constraints of religion and it’s hypocrisy for how is it that you love that which was brought about to distort you to confine your being to history with no part to play than the mystery of why you are hated so. I cry for you my children for the time of your being misled is close to being revealed and how so you will cry loudly we did not know we did not know…!

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him in the politicians
Lair there was something about
That conformity the suite tie and
Well groomed hair that seemed
So out if place and not to care

I went seeking Jesus and
In the churches he was not
There behind the colours of
Grandeur and the distance
That is more than air from
The alter to that first old lady
In the pew to me at the back
Looking at you and wondering
Is this really true that mans
Rule has come to an end

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him until I went
Home and he asked where
Have you been for I was
Here waiting for you

Well worth putting up again ;D

Nothing has changed and I so feel for those that are in this situation now…. but should there be a need… call on me… stop me when I’m out walking the dog or listen for him barking the place down when I am in tesco’s you’ll catch me on the way out…. oneness always…!


update…. this is my most visited entry of all my blogs and poems…. I settled the case against the police out of court and have another two pending… the case against Rutland County Council was buried once in Notthingham county court whom outright refused to contact or converse with me and then the same again six months later by Melton Mobray County Court whom continue to make judgements upon the case even though it is out of their jurisdiction… as long as I have breath I will continue but to say that I am experiencing the same from every government department that I have the misfortune to come into contact with would be just telling it how it is and has been in these parts for god knows how long….!

the original entry can be found at https://43spiders.wordpress.com/2008/04/20/the-oldest-families-in-england-own-rutland-and-run-it-how-they-like/

I have been granted leave by a Nottingham Judge to take both Rutland County Council and Rutland Police to court for discriminatory practices!!!


There is not a solicitor in the country not even the CRE whom are now England Help Line (pmsl) whom are willing to come and take on some of the oldest families in England.


So as fucking always I am having to go it alone!!!


If I should go missing one night, have an accident, be put away as mad or end up in prison then you know why init as money talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would not say that I am much of a royalist ;s although I did used to like when charlie boy would open his mouth every now an again just don’t understand why when they still have the ability to disband parliament they have not done so in the light of corruption dishonesty and slackness in general still there’s the street party and torch route up so now where to release the hound and catch it for YouTube ;D can hear the fingers of the local Babylonians itching for another trumped up charge ;o must be still grinding teeth over the last three losses to the unrepresented man ;D



It would seem that I am not the only individual having concerns around Rutland County Council, Leicestershire police and local councillors ;s these two individuals have had the same intimidation false use of their internet site false allegations and attempts to bribe ;o spider has a new project to crawl all over ;D



Oh if I had that sister
As loyal as you heart
So tender blood almost
Of blue reflecting those
Things that you do as
If of royalty
Oh if I had that sister
Would my eyes not see
In woman that tenderness
Meant to be the bond
Of life love and resposcessity
Clearly for such things
Were meant to be
Oh if I had that sister
Could I not help to be
That better man for
All to see that better
Man at being me
Oh if I had that sister
Would that sister not
Also have me

Did we not speak of these
Times in long distant days
And nights of reasoning and
Plight of that which was
Yet to come
Did we not speak of these
Signs knowing they were
Yet to come and willingly
Did we not spur them on
With both word and deed
Did we not speak of these
Trials and how we would
Overcome that adversary
And any lose was denial
For victory was there in
Did we not speak of these

Send a prayer on it’s way
And mention my name in
Passing for you met me upon
That road and all I had was
For the asking which you
Did willing do and then again
For your soul to Bo too upon
That journey which you perceived
My path to encounter and
Thus you did go on empty to
Walk the shadowless path
Of denial In expectation that
Your soul I would bring to the
Trial and say look closely for
This soul has been a while with
Me and blossomed to become
More than I see with a blind
Mans eyes

There is a darkness from
Which even light does flee
Solid like a wall impossible
To see past it’s boundary
But you know it’s not alone
And that murky depth does
Conceal that which would
Steal your soul and freeze
Your heart in an instant
For to stand would be stupidity
The only option is to flee
And start the chase of life’s
Mystery or lay down willingly
And accept your own defeat
I hear the darkness getting
Closer and can no longer bare
To look

Be untrue

Shattered illusions found to
Be lying out of context no
Longer space for the deception
We create to make us comfortable
In that space we call a reality
Shattered illusions found to
Clear now for us to see the
View of what’s needed a different
You with paths exposed heaven
Knows those things we can now
Reach to
Shattered illusions found to
Be no longer exclusion for the
Likes of me and you gone is
Confusion for we all know what
We must do to keep out this
Shattered illusions found to
Be untrue

Released from imaginations
Slavery eyes closed tight now
Able to see those things of
Self in how restrictive they
Be in all there consideration
And monopoly of time diminished
And now open to me
Are options open to blind
Consideration of justification
And crime where this is no
Longer my responsibility for
I have chosen not to see beyond
My capabilities for these are
The bonds I place on me now
Released from imaginations
And that desire to be something
Other that me

Bridges of glass across rivers
Of sand flowers in bloom just
Out of reach of hand moonlights
Shadow refusing to expand only
Dream walkers coming to replant
A lifetimes emotions now smaller
Than hand blown in a instant
Across this dream land lost to
A sea of imagination now room
To expand to some-others reality

That circle which hides no
Meaning concealing only the
Beginnings of it’s self now resides
Upon a shelf whilst perceiving
To be a square in it’s imaginations
Shadows hang there where used
To be no darkness is where light
Cannot see past the shadows walls
Of haziness in which light is danced
To become that which she is not
Lost to the keen eyes view of speed
And light as dances is the dream
Of confusion seen by you and me

Swing left swing right
What mood tonight will
She be in with joyous greeting
At the door will I be able
To bring some calmness to
Our space remove necessity
For to bring some armor to
This place of many battles
Lost wars once won now without
Cost to equate what was lost
In endeavors to escape the
Coming and goings of more
Misery seeking that other
For company

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