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Love has no future it

Has not past it merely

Has that ability to last

Beyond our dreams to

Succumb not to illusions

That attack it fast for fear

Of it’s power to change to

Bring to life and rearrange

All that could possibly be

Love has no future it

For it is all that it could

Possibly be in the now

Knowledge goes out of

Date and commons sense is

A sin have you ever stopped

To wonder what world we

Live in where children are

Commodities in life and like

Disposable husband or wife

For sure we are progressing

No longer is needed a different

Sex spouse gone are the

Days of white picket fences

And little cute houses in

This hyper age of educated

Confusion to be a norm is

A true illusion for no such

Things exists


Seek shelter if you can for

It was foretold that not any

Hand could hide the face of

Man while mountains do hide

Not knowing pride for they know

The hour is at hand and none

Bar man is foolish to stand and

Lie while in death he do stand

To be judged

Did not deaths dream of

Reality bring distant times

Of other things back into a

Future of loss and despair


Did not deaths dream of

An end to the beginning

Find open arms in the lost

Notions of charm and what

Is was to be


Did not deaths dream of

Of awakening cling to that

Notion of ability for man and

His descendants to claim back

Normality of his sprit to sing

Unto god his praises


Did not deaths dream of

Life bring about that damnation

Of plight that we have become

Accustomed to and with all

Our might have called our own

Did I do wrong to choose

To let my heart be open and

My spirit you abuse with you

Games of ecstasy to touching

And holding that essence of me


Did I do wrong to choose

Not to lie and let you use

My mind and body for relief

To know of my own destruction

And not retaliate with grief

That was given in return


Did I do wrong to choose

Not to be alone and maybe

Learn that lesson that awaited

Me that one that said you knew

It was coming you did see the

Futility of it all


Did I do wrong to choose

To love you knowing it would

Hurt the very core of me that

At some point it could destroy

Me but I put my trust not in

You but in the ability of me to

Do just what I do and learn

From past mistakes


Did I do wrong to choose

To have faith not in the illusions

Of the eye but to stand there

Blindly waiting to cry those tears

Of frustration for while the mind

Does know the hearts frustration

Is in belief

You are love and I will
Not fear you nor looking
Away when your mind does
Steer you in that distant
Constellation in search of that
Other that the mind does
Conjure in order to bring
About doubt from the fall
Of reality landing in that other
Place that is meant to be but
Merely restricts the physicality
Of the body but I know this that
You are love and I will not
Deny the self

Looking for that which is
within the minds eye lost
in the sight of realities glare
seeking a way forward when
all steps are those of restriction

looking for that which is
not there to be found for
by it’s definition its limitations
appear as shadows to the
physical reality of it all

looking for what which is

Distant echo’s of the past
claims upon the future and
things that last
changed imagination comes
into play maybe not tomorrow
and maybe not today

Distant echo’s of the past
holding on tightly for those
things do move fast that
bring about change how
strangely we view them
while all remains the same

Distant echo’s of the past
did we not do this before
was this not the last dance
oh how the music does play
swaying us this and thata way
dance little lady dance for
me for do you not know I’m
blind and do not see those sways
of attraction am not inspired
by physical abstraction for such
are the things that only for a while
that sunshine will bring for

Distant echo’s of the past
have there hold upon so many
a thing to bring about deception
and to the heart ache only brings


Do my eyes they deceive me
For my heart whont believe
Me when I tell it to leave
My mind alone for distance
May pass but to no place
Be last that resting place
A home of the kind where
Peace they can find from the
Pearcingly moan and groan
Of all differing kinds to windge
And whine sambo will you
Not go home oh how harsh
They seem vile and unclean
Do they not even respect their
Own for my family tree traces
Back to thee after Scotland
Ireland Jamaica the blood did
Roam look closely you’ll see
That deep within me your blood
Is finally home

The need of it to hold
On to put in the bank
For you can not make
The greed of it to feed
The face to deprive another
Just in case you should
Ever bleed
The speed of it to drop
Ones own forsake all
Others work fingers to
The bone just to have
That house and home
Be all secure and live
The sense of it to capture
The soul defragmentation
Never to be whole to keep
It separate from its kind
Thus reducing the chance
To find true happiness to
Know ones worth and be
Truly blessed


What is it to miss someone
That mornings glow that
Look so long in the making
That morning stretch with
No mistaking the smile it has
Been nice to be here a while

What is it to miss someone
When the heart beats faster
Creating songs to the heavens
Above the body does love such

What is it to miss someone

Does this belong to you
I found it while walking
At first I was not sure
What to do I took it home
Gave it a corner to call
It’s own I gave it light
I gave it dark in all things
I did I allowed it to take
Part but its demure remained
The same no getting smaller
Nor weight did it gain so
I took it for a walk and to
My surprise it did start to
Talk of long and distant times
Of things that were done
To it which it considered a
Crime but now as it told its
Story to me it said that there
Was only one place it wanted
To be and that was back in
Your arms hoping that for you
It still had some charm so to
This I did agree I got it new
Clothing for not wanting you
To see its battered state it ask
So little I did not hesitate and
Now as you can see your heart
Is now ready to leave and come
Back to you willingly ;x

If the heart could choose the one to love
the one they call finger in a fingerless glove
would not the whole body close down no need
of the eyes no need of that frown

If the eyes could choose that one to love
Would we be safe from the heavens above
For look and you’ll see so many like me
Open and willing to hug away the tears
That say never you never give up

If the arms could choose that one to love
Would you still hold me would you give
Me that hug of reassurance to merely
Say forget about tomorrow let your troubles
Melt away


Will you not love me for the soul
That is within me that shines when
It thinks of your name or the joy
It brings to make my heart sing
And put an end to this game of life
The fuss and the strife of toing and
Throwing away

Will you not love me for the soul
That we share that notion of other
Of always being there when we are
Apart that consideration that says
To another don’t even start that
Game of make believe for my eyes
Are open you will not deceive that
Which is no longer mine for my heart
Has spoken and given as token all
That is considered divine


Inspired by the young gal Amanda ;x

To take a love that is not yours and you can not reciprocate is wrong to the deepest level for this is deceit unto the self the spirit and the other and to do so goes beyond physicality and game I wish that others would see the honesty in this and not get hung up on the seemingly rejection aspect for that it is not for in reality it is to not claim what is not yours and thus to show love unconditionally rather than to pretend to be in love…!

Close your eyes and imagine
those times of yesteryear
those times of children holding
hands and walking without
fear into the night of the inner
cities surrounded by the glow
of the yellow street lamps under
the gaze of passer-byes enjoying
the moment not complaining of
the cries of merriment and children
saying good byes as the headed
to their homes

Close your eyes and imagine
how it must of felt to know of
safety and that each heart would
melt into the eyes of a child not
concerned with judgement or
notions of running wild but
remembering those times when
to be so young was to be really free
only consideration was to be happy

Close your eyes and imagine
those times for have not our
children lost their childhood is
this not the real crime of living
in a democracy where crimes are
encouraged and paedophiles run free
having more rights than the children
this is depravity this death of the
innocence supported politically

Close your eyes and imagine

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