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Dose it take time for you

To look like that

Fix up your face or it

Just may crack into a

Smile from within those

Eyes glistening from

Behind those shades

Of darkness

Does it take time for you

To realise the truth

Gone are the days

Of wonder and youth

Or at least I have been



Concerns do sometimes

Show when act like me

Then you want to know

Why I act that way in return

Is it that you sometimes burn

With that deep and irritating


Weep for me not

On that winters night

When soul does hide

And mind take flight

Away to distant and

Warmer lands for this

Coldness of spirit my

Heart can not stand

Any longer

Weep for me not

Should I not return

For my body is weary

From lessons learned

Of how to fly in the

Darkness of the mind

Weep for me now for

Back to realities way

I can not find

Distant thunder of the dancing


Beating out the rhythm of mine


Do you not hear the beat and

Feel that deepness from which

The soul can not part

For are we not reflections of

Distant times and places of

Echo’s of the past seeking that

Immortality of becoming the

Future to last for always to

Become that distant thunder


While I sit here feeling

Your pain my eyes fill

With tears once again

The pain of growing

And the adult knowing

That mistakes are our

Own to make but do

You not see my heart

On that stake of life

As I watch the struggle

And cringe at the strife

We call love and friends

In this life

So much of my feelings

Upon you depend but

I close my eyes and step

Back a while

If I hold on a little longer

I know I’ll see that smile

Once again ;s

Did not mine eyes
Entice you to that
Place of hidden dreams
Did not my warm embrace
Hear the echoes of
The dreams lost deep
Within your heart
Did not that tender
Loving kiss make you
Want to start
To live once more
Open was your mind
To that personal interpretation
Of love between us we
Did find
Did not mine eyes
Behold you in that
Bleak and failing light
So many call life
Did not I love you enough
To ease out the fright
Of your own mind

Did not the moons shadow

Dance with us a while and

Show compassion in it’s

Glowing brightness as to

Company it did keep with

Us upon that winters bleak

And lonesome night

Did not the moons shadow

Dance and swing with a rhythm

That with joy it did bring

Us smiles and tears of laughter

As memory did fade of the

Days challenges for us to

Stay together just for one

More night

Did not the moons shadow

Show the true meaning of

Reflection and cast a spell

Upon those walkers of the

Night as to flight they did

Take at seeing our shadows

Come quickly now dear for

The dawn is here and soon

Will be lost the moons shadow


As day takes a bough to night
And night in turn draws curtains
Blocking out the light of what has been before
I consider those things the night time brings
And what it has in store for you my sweet love of light
As day takes a bough to night
I huddle up close drawing quilt so tight
Trying to keep away the frightfulness of the cold and unknown For the darkness while intrusive is something I have known
As day takes a bough to night
I think of you alone tonight and can do nothing but wish you well For to be by your side for me would amount to travelling
To hell and back and seeing as they know me well
The chance of my demise would be easy to foretell
As they eagerly await my return hoping that that gate will lose It’s enchanting spell
Upon my heart and minds inclination
As day takes a bough to night
I pray for the dawn to break that
Spell of calling upon my very soul
As day takes a bough to night

Time stands still and between
Those seconds I try to fill the
Silence with the memory of
Your eyes we walk we talk
And live our lives for what
Seems an eternity somehow
It makes no difference that
There is only you and me the
Rest is just mere excess to
Fill what the eye does see
When time stands still and
Again we are free from
Those restrictions imposed
Upon us by life free to make
Those choices and do what
We know to be right oh
When time stands still is
The only time I feel alive
Just between those seconds
I forget all about your husband
And my wife when time
Stands still

Not much further now
As I get closer to the wall
Of exclusion I see the cracks
In it’s base and realise the
Illusion is only from afar
Not much further now
I quicken my pace no running
With haste I head towards
Those gaps big enough to
Ride a horse why did I not
See before of course that’s
Why the distance was forbidden
For me to cross should I
Learn the truth
Not much further now
Even as a youth I saw the
Lies concealing the truth
In those directions I was
Told to grow adults did say
That’s not the way to go
Nor are those the directions
Do you not know
Not much further now
Having now crossed that
Gulf of knowing all is showing
Itself to be nothing other
Than false reality for on
The other side I do see what
Looks like paradise
Not much further now
I close my eyes and rest for
The very last time before
Reaching my destination and
Realise that my dreams are
Close at hand
Not much further now

Social disorder in this place
Rat eat dog all up in ya face
No where to run nowhere to
Hide berried are notions of
Ambition or pride top is bottom
In respect of pain find a corner
Or else go insane sleep with
An eye open for it will be your
Turn to know who rules this
House it’s only a matter of
Time no ones a friend regardless
Of however they want to
Pretend eat or be eaten is
The only true thing so just
How hungry are you
Social disorder in this place

Cold steel pressed against
My skull I know that when
You are done you would have
Robbed me of my sanity or
Any life that was meant for
Me and yet to come as you
Enter my mouth my eyes
Do open wide not with humiliation
But with a surprise of how
This intrusion feels and those
Thoughts of what it reveals
Of how close this is to the act
Of sex it’s been three minutes
Now and you are not done yet
What is it that you want of
Me do you Desiree that I moan
And groan for the keeping of
My life like a man in poverty
It’s clear to me now that this
Is all the man you will every
Be taking things not in love but
Merely theft and robbery my
Mind turns quickly for you have
No balls this is all about your
Stupidity your weakness and
Your floors for you have no
Internet on herring my you
Eyes have deceived you and
Revealed to me what is only
True that you live of the fear
Of what you do to others and
Now the truth I have discovered
There is nothing you can do
To me for regardless of your
Act in the end it is me that
Is free to avenge this act done
To me I’ll see you again in this
Lifetime and sweet revenge my
Loving friend will surely be

Oh jah forgive i have sinned
I saw two Rastas looking on
Their shoes and took them to
Place in da bin with surprise
They look in my eyes to ask if
I was dim I had to remind dem
That from the past is where I
Did begin with no compromise
I reach here not showing any
Fear I cut off my hair for locks
Like dem is a sin when underneath
Is nothing but pride and solitude
No longer Rasta you think your
A dude and sell weed only raping
Our kin of their innocence you
Come with that pretence that
Man has to make a living when
It’s your own your killing with
Skunk and the rest of it’s fren
Oh jah forgive I have sinned

When I grew up we used to say
This is Babylon we live in when
We saw police we would kiss
Are teeth and spit where they
Had bin we would gather at
Night and put up a fight if
They came to the parry we
Was in now to my surprise
The devil did rise and the tossers
Are greeted with a grin hello
Mr plod with a friendly little
Nod why don’t you come in
And have a cup of tea your
Looking for jimmy just let
Me see if he’s in
When I grew up we used to say
That this system of things
Would not always stay for
The dam thing is built on sin
Rape sodomy colonialism was
Free torture pillage take everything
You see how could this ever
Last let alone get any better
But now we have democracy
And the fat getting fatter it
Would seem the devils here to
Stay gone is the notion of fair
Play as the un and the us of a
Beat and bully their way round
The world all are crying and the
Only thing heard is we want to
Be free to choose free to buy
Free to bring about our own
When I grew up we used to say
Sod tomorrow for we have not
Dealt with today

Did you not see me standing
There only my shadow to
Be seen it’s fair but how could
You miss it in that glare of
The passing moons halo
Did you not see me standing
Amongst those dying when
You said I don’t care and in
Your heart you were lying
Did you not see me standing
Alone and confused but without
A care for I knew you too
Were crying to be free from
The insanity of commercialisms
Did you not see me standing
Holding the hand of that child
Trying so hard to understand
And be a man without a plan
While his brothers and sisters
Were crying to be free from
The humiliation of poverty
Did you not see me standing
With my arms open wide unwilling
And able to hide the tears of
Sorrow for there will be no
Better tomorrow and all we have
Is today to make our stance
And sometimes pray that lord
Just help us make it through
One more day
Did you not see me standing
Just before my fall

The lengths of winter nights
Equate to the depth of there
Darkness from the notions of
Fright grow and creep into the
World for it is not on summer
Nights that we consider the
Shadows nor run from the dead
And unheard as they walk with
Their silence amongst the living
The lengths of winter nights
That playground for the unforgiven
As they seek revenge and envy
From those of us that are still
Living if it’s true what they are
Saying then there is forty of
Them pulling trying to take us
Away to that place of not knowing
For the only thing they say is
We want your life no matter
What it takes no matter the
Strife for we are the dead and
Know neither husband nor wife
The lengths of winter nights
Closed doors and fire lights to
Keep us safe and warm to keep
Away the harm for it is not
The cold that would freeze us
But to look upon the face of
Death would release us from
The living
The lengths of winter nights

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