The thing is you pass these guys every day on the street… No one had anything good to say about this guy when he was alive ;s and I haven’t heard one decent comment about him since he was killed… Family boy that’s a new one to me didn’t even know he had kids let alone big family in the area ;o wtf had they us we taken more time with him could we have prevented his murder … Erm I had two run ins with him and had to tell him the next would be the last as I carnt be dealing with messers but does anyone deserve to be murdered..! We are all part of and responsible for our communities and even here in sleepy hollow the crime rates are slowly creeping up as certain peeps do what they want when they want but who can blame them we have the example of the local Rutland County Council Leicestershire Police and Catmose College that endorse a bullying policy that is second to none it was merely a matter of time before it was imitated upon the streets of Oakham… Personally I say gun dog and don’t give second chances…! I bumped into Martin Brookes two days ago, one of Oakhams more active and vocal individuals I like the way he attempts to hold the council accountable for there actions the only person I think down here that has has as many court cases with the bigots as myself ;s