No more of life

Let me dream no more
Of distant lands and places
Not to be seen no more those
Memories hidden in familiar
Faces of a time gone by
Lost in the horizon of wonders
Come and gone from a
Reality covered in the mist
Of yesteryears let me dream
No more of life

Oh jah forgive i i have sinned
I saw two Rastas looking on
Their shoes and took them to
Place in da bin with surprise
They look in my eyes to ask if
I was dim I had to remind dem
That from the past is where I
Did begin with no compromise
I reach here not showing any
Fear I cut off my hair for locks
Like dem is a sin when underneath
Is nothing but pride and solitude
No longer Rasta you think your
A dude and sell weed only raping
Our kin of their innocence you
Come with that pretence that
Man has to make a living when
It’s your own your killing with
Skunk and the rest of it’s fren
Oh jah forgive I i have sinned

It’s clear to me now

Cold steel pressed against
My skull I know that when
You are done you would have
Robbed me of my sanity or
Any life that was meant for
Me and yet to come as you
Enter my mouth my eyes
Do open wide not with humiliation
But with a surprise of how
This intrusion feels and those
Thoughts of what it reveals
Of how close this is to the act
Of sex it’s been three minutes
Now and you are not done yet
What is it that you want of
Me do you desire that I moan
And groan for the keeping of
My life like a man in poverty
It’s clear to me now that this
Is all the man you will every
Be taking things not in love but
Merely theft and robbery my
Mind turns quickly for you have
No balls this is all about your
Stupidity your weakness and
Your floors for you have no
Intent on hurting me your
Eyes have deceived you and
Revealed to me what is only
True that you live off the fear
Of what you do to others and
Now the truth I have discovered
There is nothing you can do
To me for regardless of your
Act in the end it is me that
Is free to avenge this act done
To me I’ll see you again in this
Lifetime and sweet revenge my
Loving friend will surely be

Shed a tear shed a tear
For the harshness of days
As man comes to his demise
For not changing his ways
And the earth is brought
To ruin
Shed a tear shed a tear
For the forgotten souls
Who gave up their all
Trying to remain whole
And now in regret they
Are stewing
Shed a tear shed a tear
For those who remain
Trying to make sense
Trying to remain sane
Locked in a cage known
Only as mental ruin
Shed a tear shed a tear

Lost deep within this thunder
Storm of emotions nothing makes
Sense any more and all seems
So so familiar
This is where I am meant to be
These are the seas of my lifetimes
Watering gathered to take me to
My island resting place
One last long journey for me to
Endure and enjoy before the shipwreck
Of age casts me ashore lost to the
Mainland forever more remembered
Only in songs and the shed of a tear
For those that I have loved and held
Me dear as a friend passing in distant
Nights of loneliness
Oh to wake from this dream of a lifetime
Only to find it was mine for the living
Had I only opened my eyes to what
Was before me
Alas the storm has come and it is
Now my time to move along to mine
Own paradise

Stories that are new

Stories to be lived
Stories to be told
Stories to be made up
Stories to be sold
Stories that are new
Stories that are old
Come tell me your story
While my story unfolds

Did I fall asleep in the future
And somehow wake up in the past
Did I miss something along the way
Did I loose something meant to last
Did I not hear that sorry or not feel
That blast of emotions as lives ceased
And past into non exist it all happens
So fast as if in the twinkling of an eye
Did I really loose so much and not stop
To wonder why so many have forsaken
Those possibilities for mere material things
Now crying just to be
Did I not tell you so as you hurried on by
Life is but the twinkle reflected in Childs
Eye as imagination runs away with we
Did I not leave here yesterday so how possibly
Could this be
Did I ..…?

Questions and answers remain
The same
What is there to loose and what
To gain
From that thing they call religion

Should there be one then there
Is the other devil and angle sister and brother

Choice now is what to discover
In ones search for that thing
Called the truth

Why would a god request of you
That you succumb to this ruler
Of youth and promote gods own
Demise for does it not state that
This system has no surprise now
That it belongs to the devil

Should that be the case then explain
To me why all the rush in order
To be materialist in all we can
See and do the devils bedding

Surly should that be the case should
We not be unwilling to take part in haste
In all the world has to offer and
Thus not raise one shilling to offer or bring
About the spiritual drought

Stay out of the world but give unto

Avoid babylon but try to please her by giving her respect and not to tease her
With rebellion in mind

I must admit I’m somewhat confused for
The contradictions that are for ever used
To keep us in one place

Thus I say unto thee open your eyes in order to see how things must now come to an end and religion that long lost friend should be laid to rest forever

Broken tree of dreams upon
Which the dying leaves of
Imagination do shrivel and
Die before the final slow motion
Of drift to the ground below
From which there is no return

Saplings reaching for the sky’s
And stars above watch with
Tears of sadness as yet another
Passes by on it’s way to the
Roots of all beginnings as it
Ends it’s time above as guider
And shelterer of love for those
Below as in their youth they
Are watched as they grow
Racing to their deaths above
Only to return back to their
Beginnings having demonstrated

Without you

I watched your tears falling
And there was nothing I could
Do for others stood before me
Just looking at you as I reached
Out with my heart just wanted
To hold you and let you know
Everything would be alright
Thunder sounded as each tear
Hit the ground as I looked in
The faces of those around and
Wondered why you did not
Come to me to ease your pain
Lost and confused I turned around
For this was not a sight for me
There was nothing to be found
I watched your tears falling
And knew your heart was calling
For something that was true
And yet here once again I am
Without you

Had I not seen it with mine own eyes
I would have prodded to find your motivational kind of disposition in such critical times of deceptionism
But now that I have seen such things
I step back a pace and consider the
Condition of my mind
I would have said you were blind in all things

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