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Generous offers to some are made

Generous offers to some are made

Is this consideration or tactics played?

What are the options for those involved?

To find mere answers the future unfolds.


Is there a response to one who is wise?

When the statement made is to open ones eyes

Look and see that which you have passed

Consider the thing you thought was last


Stand at the crossroads and reconsider

Should you go there or come this way hither

What is the calling and where is the need

Should to persona the ego concede?


These are the questions for me to consider

Should I give my all or reconfigure?

Change where I am going and cut off a line

Withdraw an offer and assist in the crime


Education education is this not the key?

That informs our children of what life could be

Do I stay and fight and give them a chance

Or should I cut my losses and to another job advance


Ask me the question at some point in time

By then I may know the answers divine

Until such occasion please bear in mind

That I am merely a man although one of a kind





Is this it?

Is this it? What a load of bollocks, don’t know what all the fuss was about!

Life is merely interactions!

Life is merely interactions

We have reached a point in history

Where this does not have to be in person

We are able to communicate with others of a tongue

That is often strange to our ears

But yet if you listen with out hearts and minds

In these strange others it is love we find

Love for others, love for life

Regardless of nation this love will decrease strife

Long live the net


Sunday’s are for:


For family and friends

To eat good food and make amends

To contemplate the life that has been

During the last seven days just what have we seen?

The week is coming so put on your armour

Contemplating the ways to make the world calmer

But should all else fail in this rejoice

Next weekend it is our choice

To see family and friends is all that it takes

That first little step that makes a start

On walking and treading to reach the heart

What’s it all about?

People dieing every day

We are now aware of things never before known

Technology informing us of this world our home

Now we know what shall we do

Do we feel guilt for being alive

Fortunate to be among those who survive

We can not stop the hands of time

Just picking up pieces of what we find


Comparisons that must be made

To place into perspective this conclusion made



Daily struggle of life’s turmoil

Mixed with tensions about to boil

Where are we going

And where have we been

Is this all there is

To be a machine


One ray of sunshine and all is forgotten

To see such a thing makes sadness cascade

Put in perspective lives must then be

To consider the shortness of who we may be


There is no time for anger and strife

To be conceited and disrupt a life

Experience and knowledge we must acquire

Pass on and expressed for the heart to desire

Thus is the cycle of which we are part

That emits for the stars and ends in your heart


For we live so not let us waste time



Something to be desired!

A state of being we like to achieve!

Acceptance of another!

Advice based upon consideration of what is deemed best for us!

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