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A culture of acceptable endangerment

I was involved with Rutland County Council social services last week, not the first nor I suspect the last time. Their disrespectful racist discriminatory behaviour always leaves me shaking my head. They willingly continue to encourage young people to leave Oakham for nothing more than pure economic class and discriminatory reasons.

I chose to ask my seventeen year old to leave home rather than put up with a torrent of abuse and aggression which was becoming increasingly worse. I had intended to try and hang on till his eighteenth in two months but the attempted physical intimidation was a step to far especially after the encouragement of his mother a qualified approved social worker (go figure) whom recently held me from behind while he punched me in the face (I never thought I could show/have such personal restraint).

I wasn’t surprised when the police and social worker turned up but I was surprised that their concern was that I had assaulted him. I told them to get on with what ever process they thought that they needed to follow but I felt it necessary to remind them that the last time they tried that after eighteen months of investigation their own conclusion was that my older son could not be with anyone more appropriately qualified to cater for his needs ie EBDS and the judges condemnation of their stupidity at allowing themselves to be used.

I advised the social worker that I would be very much concerned should they not support my son and send him back to Colchester as they did with his brother as soon as he turned sixteen only to be put out on the streets a month later by his mother.

I’ve yet to hear from Rutland County Council but I have been made aware that my son is in fact back in Colchester this being despite my having raised my concerns that he was in danger of becoming involved in a drug culture that had already claimed and ruined the lives of two of his brothers with their mothers enforcement encouragement and support.

That in essence is a reflection of the deeply inherent discrimination held not only by these small minded inbred individuals in Oakham but as a generalisation the mentality of those whom work within social services up and down this country. There is a mentality of not prevention but perpetuation of abuse without consideration of those young people involved. A stupid blind person could see what these individuals refuse to see continually meeting after meeting and in the case of these bigots here that refuse to act upon not a one off warning but a continued warning spanning years. I advised these racists that should they send my previous son back to his mothers he would continue his drug and alcohol abuse which is why he came to me in the first place. And now with the second child after having hindsight and my continual warnings pleas and evidence of the environment he will be going into they took a day to make the arrangements for him to go….

It’s this culture of middle class superiority that has children being sexually abused in their hundreds that has a revolving door syndrome for families that to their own detriment often approach social services for support only to end up being accused manipulated intimidated and bullied for generations for one involvement is justification for any further investigation even of the next generation.

As a farther I’m in my twentieth year of fighting these assholes and I continue to watch as my children are denied an education have their life styles restricted are continually put in situations where their actual lives are in danger all because racists don’t want them in places like Rutland and will go to any extent to exclude them socially economically and politically.

I’ve today been told by rumours that my son had been excluded from one of his two college courses. Things are falling in place. I haven’t heard anything from the college but that may be because I expressed my concerns last year of their encouragement of my son to drop two other options to concentrate on triple business studies and triple sport my concern then being that failure of either would result in him not obtaining enough grades to enter university “don’t worry mr wilks we’re fully supportive here” fucking cunts….!

A right royal message….. why are these photo’s banned….. the heart of British hypocrisy and dictatorship………….

When we have newspapers that run every conceived racial stereo typical statement raciest propaganda both political and social a legal system that endorses and perpetuates racism why is it that the an ass and pair of tits cannot be seen in British papers because it’s Royal ;s if those Royals put a stop to political bullshit and Christian hypocrisy then maybe just maybe the country would be in a better state than it is for are not the Royals the head of the state and head of the church bout bloody time they took leadership seriously and considered the plight of their people whom are harassed victimised bullied and assaulted by racists within their homes schools and communities instead of restricting rights and freedoms even more by dictating to the press what should and should not be allowed. The reality is that the only thing you are demonstrating is that money talks and those without it can be abused, I think your message is getting through loud and clear for there seems to be no redress for inequalities suffering harassment and blatant acts of racism.


The fact that I have recently received two convictions for protecting my son from the racist bullying and harassment of both his local school and our community in general is not surprising, the fact that it has gone on for eight years is not surprising, the fact that despite refusal of courts court appointed solicitors barristers police police investigative bodies the local council the local MP choosing not to take a firm stance on any matter of discrimination is not surprising. What is surprising is that I am expected to sit quietly and let it happen that is not nor will it every be the case. You are raciest bigots you are at the heart of all that is wrong with this country that ideology of you think you know better and put rules down for others to follow while you don’t even know them let alone have an intention of following them. Despite all you acts and omissions I am still here, despite ensure that I cannot work I am still here despite ensuring that I have current convictions I am still here. Your cowards, your hypocrites, your spineless bastards that can only pick on children in physicality and then run and hide stating that you are scared and intimidated. You should be for you have demonstrated that you have no morals character or standing when it comes to doing what it right.

The failure of the court appointed legal aid representative to make any attempt or claim of a defences while in full knowledge of the facts along with the CPS’s full endorsement and request for an excessively sever penalty without justification or reasoning in effect insisting that I be banned from half of my own community and the centre of all social activities for a disproportionate amount of time i.e five years is the continuance of not only the discriminatory practices of Rutland and Leicestershire’s police but endorsement of the discriminatory practices knowingly committed by the principal and his supporting staff within Catmose College.


I’m trying to get my head round the facts

  1. This man stands and shouts till his red in the face and shaking with rage at my son that’s verbal and physical intimidation
  2. My son is investigated for three months continually having his every move scrutinised and being accused of every stereo typical black male behaviour you could think of and with the passing of each one he is accused of something else
  3. My son is physically assaulted by a member of the teaching staff and no one actually gives a dam in fact the opposite it’s supported by the police and the courts the local council and the local MP
  4. I’m the one now in court for harassment and malicious content on this site


My conclusion….. racism is alive and kicking in Oakham it’s not only supported and endorsed by those in political power here but reinforced by the courts especially Loughborough Magistrates Court and it’s severing solicitors Straw & Pearce but also underpinned by the Leicestershire Crown Prosecution Service along with the probation service. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories these are individuals that I have met on a continual basis over the last eight years whom are more than willing to perjure themselves in court in order to appease someone or some group of people whom think that it is right to exclude humiliate and intimidate young black males whom attend Catmose College but even further than that this is a community wide issue when the police think that it is appropriate that having my home property and children assaulted attacked and damaged within Oakham is not an arrestable offence but any accusation against myself results in a court appearance supported with the full ferocity and venom of a wounded animal.

I’m comfortable with the fact that when I attend court people turn red and look the other way.

I’m comfortable with the fact that I as an uneducated individual as is so often portrayed am able to take on the local racist police, mp, council, head master, crown prosecution service and probation service on my own.

I’m comfortable looking people in the eye and knowing that I am not lying but being lied too.

I’m comfortable with knowing the truth and not being harassed intimidated or bullied into rolling over and playing dead.

I know and understand your fear for you are inadequate individuals on every level and form and you should be afraid for your system is failing…..


I looked at that reflection and didn’t see

Didn’t see you didn’t see me

What I saw was a future that could possibly be

Without all the pain and misery

Of doing it your way of doing it mine

Of past considerations of hurts and crimes

I looked at that reflection and only saw

What could have been and a little bit more

And then we were gone and life went on without us

that leaves one choice in response to a system that has no accountability that makes all battles actions and interactions political in nature and thereby justifiably defensible for when your government refuse to support look after or cater for your needs they are stating quite openly that they are not a government by or for the people but a dictatorship by the few for the select few no wonder our legal system is fast changing to imprison those whom commit racially motivated or politically motivated crimes as these are the things that will be used to restrict the populace first and foremost by race followed by those whom are the most threatening to political status quos the unemployed whom continue to be criminalised in their portrayal as they represent the greatest threat since the incapacitation of the unions

They say the breed of dog that I got only live to between 12-14 ;s but I console myself with the fact that when he is gone I can donate his balls and spine to my local community for they seem lacking in both departments and thus if I place them in the library peeps can do that borrow and return thing ;D feeling generous and recognising that which is 8D hahahahahahahaha ;D iixx

The hallmark of discriminatory practices is the continual changing of or raising of boundaries until such a time that more fail than pass and it is thus that legality and its representatives justify the incarnation of black males and their masculinity world wide the internalised hatred of this system of things thereby perpetuates itself with black on black violence and hatred of self WAKE THE FUCK UP I’M NOT A NIGGER AND MYMOTHERS NO BITCH

There is not an aspect of our culture beliefs lifestyles or persona that at some point or another have not become illegal what will it take to wake my brothers and sisters from the sleep of death that they do make the reality of children ;s so many of you have that faith of restriction I hope for your own sake your right iixx

Two Men Arrested for Sagging Pants in South Carolina Waffle House


Silence is not a thing that can be broken

It is not a fabric that should be woven to

Become that thing that blinds the heart

And minds of those that see

Silence is that thing which is chosen when

There could be another way to be

That step that is taken when all other

Things could not be

Silence is that choice of mind when in

Reality there by no justice to find even

In the places of light

Silence is that decision to go with the wrong

When you know the right it is that sealing of

The soul when it comes to choices of what which

Would make us whole and one decides to lie

It is that ability to look that other in the eye

And say I have hate for you and your kind

If I had the time I would question my dreams for in such a short time there was a reality so it seems that is remembered a time that was lived days hours minutes and of the self I did give in that dream of simplicity that was really me for surely my heart would not beat so from imagination and my mind recall so much that can not be self imposed hallucination if I had the time I’d examine my dreams in that other life Xxxx

Only in a world turned upside down could a bearded transvestite win the Eurovision song contest not that I have anything against the person never seen them never heard them sing but all that we are is nonsensical and thus being told of this it was like I expected nothing less for the condition of man… would have made for some good dinner conversations …. five year old dad why’s that lady got a beard ;s

Boycott Barclays Bank

Barclays has been part of the British high street for like every

So why is it after the British public have supported and invested

In it for so long that it has suddenly turned round and said thats

It sod you 14,000 redundancies

With call centres moved to the other side of the world is it that they

No longer need to support those that have supported them and are

No merely interested in holding on to the money and the position

That the British have made for them.

If the British public every grow a pair and think about it they would

Withdraw every penny they have from this bank

Reminiscent of the film fifth element

Sacking 7 or 8 thousand will do sir

No make that 14

But sir….

14 thousand it is sir

What lies at the heart of racism that it transcends all notions of race religion culture creed political and religious orientation


We Buy And Sell Girl’s Everyday
With our music, videos, after
Show parties, clubs suckers

The danger of your inadequacy a day on probation ;s


I got told in all essence not to speak today by the second in command of the probation office that I attend in Leicester ;o

The supervisor seemed in a little difficulty speaking with a young man whom was not only reluctant to work but seemed to want to have a verbal confrontation with this lovely woman a grandmother about the rights and wrongs of the world and why he felt that he could and should do whatever he wanted to or not ;s

After listening to this for a while I thought it was getting out of hand when he was told to use a pair of scissors appropriately and stated that he knew how to use them as a weapon ;o and that he was on probation for a knife offence ;s

At this point I spoke up and told him that that was inappropriate and could be construed as a threat which gave him the chance to change his direction of focus towards me and letting the poor woman have a chance to breath.

This young man then went on to tell me and the rest of the group about how good he was at manipulating others and having things his way and how he shouldn’t be on probation as it was his intention to be put away so that in the future he would be able to talk with others about prison.

Ok alarm bells ringing now ;s I continued to do my cutting out and listened and occasionally when allowed contributed to the speech that he wanted to give us about how intellectual he was and how he would do those things in life that he wanted to and still end up with what most people spend their whole lives working for ;s rich kid waiting for his parents to die syndrome ;o

At lunch time he was seen by both heads of the probation service and asked to leave think about what he was saying and return tomorrow hopefully in a better frame of mind.

At the end of the day I was pulled to one side and told that I should not have engaged with the young man. I only asked one question should I have stood by and watched this woman being intimidated by this young man to which I got no direct response but was told that the situation could have got worse.

What crossed my mind while this manager was trying to save face and show authority was that the young man should be in a psychiatric unit, that he should not be in a room with women and others laid open to his desire to manipulate others with verbal confrontation and hints at a willingness to cause harm without regret to say nothing of his warped view of what is social for all to him are there for his manipulation to achieve his own ends.

Had I the time or inclination I would have asked who did his risk assessment for that person as by their inability to recognise even the most basic of psychotic behaviours had put everyone else in that room at risk and ultimately my intervention possibly saved a graver situation and highlighted that which should not have come about and thus I was told to keep quiet in future.

If I were to keep quiet I would be you, inappropriate and willing to take a chance with the wellbeing of others I am neither and will not keep quiet for individuals that need assistance should be given it and in this instance it was him as much as it was the probation service that needed that assistance. People should not be in a place of authority if they are not capable to doing the job but hay the ways of this world…..!

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