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Basic living for a poor man Xx

Every black person you know needs to read this… Why? Because discrimination cases are on the rise. Whether this is as a result of individuals being willing to take on employers and others in respect of acts of discrimination or as a result of racists feeling more comfortable with expressing their hatred and dislike of others remains to be seen but the fact is cases are going through the roof in respect of numbers. In line with that fact is the fact that courts do not seem concerned enough to increase the penalties and repercussions for employers and others who choose to discriminate for discriminators are comfortable with the notion that discrimination cases continue to be restricted by an ever-increasing barrier in relation to the difficulties and burdens of proof that is placed upon those bringing such cases. This points to an awareness and acknowledgment on the part of the judiciary not only to the increase in case numbers but also reflective of the court process itself which gives confidence and security to racists in the form of ever-increasing guidelines deadlines judicial guidance and legality none of which are designed to eradicate racism but rather as hurdles and stumbling blocks for those willing to challenge acts and omissions resulting in discrimination.

I for one am frustrated with the lack of support judicial and otherwise for individuals like myself who are aware that they have been discriminated against but who do not have the financial ability to pay others for representation. In my investigations, this seems to be the greatest barrier to those wishing to pursue a case.

It is my intention to create produce gather a self-help guide for those like myself who are no longer willing to accept this current situation and thus I will endeavor to have in one place those crucial bits of information that one requires in order to register a case and take that first step in tackling discrimination and a system that is restrictive and for all intent and purpose supportive of those who discriminate.

In order to do so I will have to show my own willingness to challenge all of the above. Currently I have one case at tribunal with a previous employer and despite the courts having the opinion that I have a case the company continues to be offensive feeling confident in a legal system that allows for humiliation restriction dictation and the continual denial of the obvious. It is thus that I have reached the point where I am no longer willing to reach an out of court settlement because the right thing to do is show every aspect of this case to every black person in this country so that they are aware and informed of what to expect and what is required in the registering and pursuing of cases of discrimination. It is my intention to show the level of collusion deception and manipulation that is used by employers and their representatives in attempts to undermine discredit and humiliate those that challenge discriminatory practices the fact that we have a court system that puts such individuals in a favorable light from the very outset is way beyond concerning. Racism is business for the court’s solicitors and those that claim to be independent and impartial. The reality and truth is that everyone bar those that have been discriminated against gets paid and wins in a system that weeds out the majority of cases at the application process and every opportunity thereafter with the imposition of deadlines court procedures issues of legality and the questioning of motives.

Thus my start is for every black person to read the document “HOW TO WIN A DIRECT DISCRIMINATION CASE  Suzanne Staunton, Guildhall Chambers” not only does this document highlight the difficulties in bringing discrimination cases but for me it put everything in context i/e the reluctance of the courts to remain impartial, the confidence of employers in continuing their discrimination and the over ridding questions of how much money do you have for those that would take on cases of discrimination. With no win no fee solicitors now wanting up to 35% for starters we can easily decern who this whole process is geared towards.

Please read and pass on to every black person you know the above-mentioned document. In the order of things this would have assisted me greatly had it been the first document I found or read.

I wish those of you on your own journeys the best of luck and do feel free to comment ask questions make suggestions for I know so many of us are going through this process alone and yet we are enduring the same thing. It’s time that changed…….

My head hurts. Been puking for two days. It started Saturday when I started the reading for the hearing on Monday. Purely stress-related antagonising my GCA Giant Cell Arthritis. This will be the death of me a brain tumor or some such thing. In-between the tears and the choking as I puked through my nose it was something that I wished for yesterday just to bring an end to it all but no such relief just more intensified pain. Migraines I can take had them all my life, after the projectile vomiting thing two days curled up somewhere and everywhere and you begin to emerge. This on the other hand is here, it’s allowing me to function but everything is such effort when done from behind a vale of pain and fear fear of what’s coming knowing that I have emails in my inbox that require attention now and that reading them will ignite the force and magnitude and push me to relive revisit examine every detail was I correct, did I do my best, what did I do wrong??? The answers are yes, yes and nothing. And yet my head is hurting and I would welcome the freedom of death.

I’m dying slowly painfully daily each time I have to respond to the court or a solicitor or attend a hearing or answer the phone or explain why I’m not working why I’m applying or what happened. The once or twice weekly phone calls with my mother are now on court hearing dates and deadlines. “How did things go” “are you praying” “I’m praying for you”. The light has dimed in our relationship for every black person knows to challenge racism is to bring about your own demise and those that stand stand as a challenge for the majority that will not. No one else talks to me for I am consumed it is my first and last thought what was it I just read how is that applicable what is the correct procedure what have I missed.

I’m self-representing again. Like the criminal justice system the race discrimination system comes down to who you can afford to represent you and I can’t afford justice and I’m watching as it is stripped away from me in legality of time continuation of events and perceived lack of effort contradictory requests and appeasement of the other. And in that mix I am irrelevant other than to say I have created become that perceived problem. I read I research I examine for I do my best in all things and yet still I struggle my head hurts.

I’m reading and seeing the commonalities in cases presented struck out and getting an understanding of the pressures that are imposed and the justification given for the reduction of remedies in the majority of cases, vexatious, malicious, unwarranted, unfounded, unsupported all to reduce as far as possible the legality of accountability and minimalise remedies.

There’s no help out there for me. I took my proposal to a pro bono consultation and was aggressively asked what is it that you want from us from what I can see you’ve got the basics down I would have given a lot less detail but other than that how can I help you? But my self-representation represents a threat to this whole industry that benefits from our pain, humiliation, degradation and suffering charging currently up to 35% no win no fee which let’s face it is the direction we average people have to go should we make it that far. Even when we’re winning it’s at a loss for we do not have that level of economic stability and freedom which necessitates voice choice or control over our own lives.

The photo’s are a statement of my being. I eat sleep dream and shit racism and it’s isolated me for I have to check my own understanding and self for both correctness and how I measure up to a legal system that is bias while promoting itself as just. Most cases fail by being out of time and thus one is from the outset pressured into making a claim, pressure amounts to mistakes which amount to dismissal of claims and there is nowhere in that process for the humanity of experience self-evaluation reflection by the time you find out its too late unless you can pay…..!

I passed first year law LLB in 1993. I was called into the dean of the schools office and informed that the police had displayed such interest over the last year in where I was and what I was doing that it was felt that I would never be allowed to practice upon completion of my degree and thus it was suggested that I take a year out and consider another path which I did. That’s one of those if I knew then what I know now moments. My main thoughts now are not with my case but with how I can help others those that don’t get this far, that are dismissed without redress for succumbing to the hostile environments that fail to register their cases in time that can not afford representation or that succumb to the emotional and physical pressure of it all. If you don’t’ look broken you won’t get help and by then for many the damage is already done for there is no winning here how dare you poke your head up so high………….

There is no such thing as Institutional racism what this equates to is yes you were discriminated against but we don’t hold individuals accountable for their acts or omissions and thus will shield them as we do the same in their position.

This is today’s complaint to the DWP like the last two I only expect to be threatened again with stopping my benefits but it’s only a matter of time as those issues that I deal with and fight daily I see others succumb to………

This is a formal complaint in relation to the promotion and endorsement of prejudicial and discriminatory practices within working establishments including governmental departments within Wales.

As a government department you are fully aware of and endorse and promote the discriminatory and prejudicial conduct and behaviour of both local private employers and governmental agencies. As such you have actively supported and endorsed endeavors to prevent me from working within either the education sector or specialised therapeutic communities. As a government department you are aware of and support this with inaction and indorsement by directing me to seek employment outside of Wales in another field, advising me to retrain in a manual field as I will not be allowed to work in either the educational or therapeutic sectors as a direct result of efforts to restrict my economic earning capabilities. Advising me to go self-employed in a manual field and perhaps in a couple of years then start again in England by volunteering you are wholeheartedly supporting promoting and contributing to my restrictions in relation to my chosen profession and as such your actions and omissions are considered prejudicial and discriminatory. Your outright refusal to follow-up respond to or investigate instances of job losses withdrawals and DBS checks held up for up to six months indicate your complacency, endorsement, support for inappropriate and unprofessional conduct on every level.

Racism in Wales……….

I’m packed and ready to move. I’m not a town person for to be so like living in a city there are things you are meant to turn a blind eye to. I don’t like drug dealers they are my pet hate. Parasitic individuals who prey on the weak and vulnerable creating addictions and misery and yet for the past two years I’ve lived in a property adjacent to another both of which are allowed to be used by dealers. The original landlord’s Mid-Wales Housing informed me that as long as the rent is paid they have no issues. Money laundering? Profiteering from illegal gains? I grew up with bod’s who were criminalised for smoking a zoot or carrying a bag of weed and the same is still happening in every inner city and yet the local council, police, MP’s, Welsh Assembly are not interested in its prevention at least not here. That is the true face of racism and racist policies and policing. Like the current government is showing us do as we say not as we do.

Sometimes when you need support and none is about and those that started the journey with you have gone by the wayside or been enticed to divert, your reminded of the reasons behind your endeavors those things that pushed you to seek change both within and without. I have love for this guy just as I have love for Tupac for both vocalise the necessity for self-determination and goals rather than self incarceration in the pursuit of wealth for I sleep well at night knowing my soul is not sold. But again I feel the pain of restraint for we need more than mere entertainers another brilliance diverted converted allowed to serve in the big house…………!

I don’t even know what to say only an hour down the road from me I’ve had the experiences and dealing with my own concerns about the level of racial hatred in Wales but this exemplifies it all. It could be any one of us. I really do hope her second appeal goes well but appeals to the high court have the possibility of increasing your sentence too. Gutted for this young girl and her family but there’s bit’s missing and I’m trying to get the original press release and a fuller story. Where was her boyfriend? How many others were on the campsite? Have they sued the police? Have they brought a private prosecution? What happened to the first legal team? I wish her and the family the best of luck in a system that is so obviously broken.

Racism in Wales part 2

acas has become yet another of the governments gatekeepers to distress manipulate and frustrate those who would challenge racism within England and Wales.

For six weeks they sat on and did nothing with the proposed taking of Unison to court for prejudicial practices.

For an organisation that is supposed to be impartial they receive the majority of their funding from the UK government

There is nothing impartial about that. They are in essence a branch of the government only allowing and endorsing those cases that they feel will cause the minimal amount of disruption.

For six weeks I was told constant lies and given the run around it was only when I was able to demonstrate that fact and assure them that I was not going to be detoured that they reluctantly issued the document below. You’ll notice that the individual who’s name I provided them with is missing from the document.

I had to make several complaints each week to get this far and as yet they have provided me with no information as to the discussions they had with Unison.

Unison attended my dismissal hearing from my previous employer Amberleigh Care Ltd an act which they carried out while a grievance procedure was in place which is supposedly a protected right. At the end of the meeting my Unison representative advised my employer that due to their actions I had a claim for racial harassment and with the dismissal another for racial discrimination. The material went away to their head office and legal department and I’ll quote here “as these kinds of cases only every fail on a legality and thus we want to ensure that everything is correct before proceeding”.

That was the last I heard from Unison over three months ago. All attempts to contact them since results in “you know how to complain use the complaints procedure”…!

I’m in the process of not only making the court claim now that I have the below document but also sorting out all the recorded phone call’s I’ve had with unison prior to their silence.

It would seem that they too are heavily governmentally funded and have become another gatekeeper to reduce put off and outright discriminate against those that would dare to challenge racism in England and Wales.

Once the court claim is filed I shall update this blog to include phone call’s and un-responded to emails.

Not impressed by the conduct of either party at all.

Open letter to the Eluned Morgan Health Secretary of Wales.

Utter disgust at the treatment of health care professionals in Wales.

Having worked for eighteen months during the pandemic while having three medical conditions that made me at risk but not considered vulnerable enough to isolate I write to you in utter disgust at my treatment during the pandemic and subsequently now that I am unemployed.

During my first employment with Orbis Education & Care I worked within a therapeutic community for young people on the Autistic spectrum. I was comfortable with the fact they locked down the community four weeks prior to any governmental recommendations and implemented a stick no cross over policy between the three units within the community. This meant that the chances of the virus being brought into the community from outside was limited to the comings and goings of the current staff members. In the fifth week they introduced a young man into the unit that I was working within. He came along with his own team of six carers all of whom were agency workers. It was not long after speaking with them that it became apparent that our unit was not the only place that they worked. In fact four of the six carers reported that they were bank carers and thus could potentially work at several other establishments in England and Wales as well as ours within one week. I pointed out to the management team within Orbis that I felt this was not an acceptable situation for myself in that I to had been self-isolating other than to attend work. There response was negative and thus I reluctantly went on sick leave feeling that the circumstances had jeopardised my health. After two months of sick leave I resigned due to the continuation of the bank care staff’s comings and goings with the new resident.

In consultation with my own GP in relation to the precautions that I would need to take I then took up in June of last year a position in a smaller therapeutic community run by Amberleigh Care Ltd specialising in young men displaying harmful sexualised behaviours. This time I took up a night position thereby reducing my contact with the comings and goings of the day staff. Shortly after my start it became apparent that things within this community were not quite right. The level of abuse that a core team of staff members displayed towards others was drastically concerning especially in light of the nature of the work that we were carrying out. Sexual innuendos by senior members of staff towards female members of staff were for me so concerning that I felt it necessary to report them to both my line manager and both CEO’s. The result of this was that the manager told me I was ruffling feathers by speaking up and drawing attention to not only the above but to the underlying ethos of bullying that resulted in several members of staff both male and female being continually reduced to tears each time they came on shift. On top of this I had to deal and work with an individual whom felt it was appropriate to play racially provocative material at night while working with me. This was something I tried to ignore and work with as in speak with the person and let them know how offensive these acts actually were. After eight months to no avail I reported the gentleman to my management team who said they would investigate the matter. After a two-week investigation nothing was done. And thus when I turned up for work one night and found out that I was again to be working with this gentleman I raised a formal complaint. That was the last night I worked I was sent home and subsequently dismissed. At the dismissal hearing attended by the Union representative I was told that I was too professional for the company and that while having a grievance procedure active they felt that I should not return to work.

I understand why there is a push for professionalism within the care industry within Wales because the reality is that it is insular verging on incestual and there is a culture of bullying and discriminatory practices that is a standard norm and anyone who challenges this is ostracised bullied and harassed most in my observations until they quit their positions. I think this is further endorsed and supported by a union structure that is based upon small community relationships whereby if you complain to one Davies or Jones you complain to them all. In my personal experience both Unison and Acas are complicit in this insular/incestual behaviour neither of which are willing to pursue any course of action that would address any of the above let alone take steps to irradicate or hold accountable those individuals who bully, harass and racially abuse individuals like myself.

To add insult to injury I’m now being penalised by the DWP for having saved a little money in the eighteen months I was working by having my benefits reduced by £10 per week. It’s bad enough that I didn’t get the first payment of £500 for key workers as this happened at the time where I changed jobs but now that the additional £750 is to be awarded which is to have tax and national insurance taken out I’m informed that this will drastically reduce the amount of benefit that I will receive in the month that this is paid. How this is justifiable in a period where half the county is on the furlough scheme is far beyond me. As a government you are speaking loud and clear in your unsporting of those on benefits for what ever reason while you pay half the country money for being at home. How is it justifiable that you can pay furlough a decent living wage to those whom otherwise would have been unemployed stating they need a decent amount to live on but this is not applicable to the old, disable, sick or unemployed. As a government you are increasingly almost daily displaying you prejudices towards certain groups within society and I’m finding it disgraceful frustrating and humiliating not only because of my own personal circumstance but because I know so many others whom your decisions are reducing their life chances and ability to have any form of decent standards of living. And yet politicians flagrantly break those rules which you seem so adamant to impose upon some of us.

Yours un-respectfully

Richard Bradley Wilks

Photo from 43spiders

At the stove at per

From my youngest reminding of my consistency Xx

Tinkering part two…

That tinkering post (two below) is now complete well at the least the computer is ;o and also to a standard is the flooring….. I went with paint because the floor was so dam nasty that even washing it three times (hands and knees you know ;s hahahahahaha) coundn’t get rid of the stench so I went with paint as that kinda sealed/blocked out the smell….. I’ve never come across such physically nasty people as I’ve seen here disgusting would be putting it every so mildly and polite but these people man I tell you have got to be some of the nastiest on the planet and I’ve got the photo’s and evidence to prove it and it seems to be standard here and I’m talking feet sticking to the carpet if you dare go in their yards to say nothing of the smell hahahahahahahahaha and the fuckers will offer you tea too you know as if ;s hahahahaha oh my days need to sort those photo’s out while I’m working on the calls but you know what I’m still laughing but should that be worrying ;s I’m not sure anymore but boy I tell you God’s country and the Devils people for true ;s Xx

I’ve been visiting Wales long enough to know they so hate the English down here but to be English and black seems to bring out the worst in them. A recent visit to my local Tesco’s (safe you’d think going shopping) resulted in my being verbally abused by a member of their staff whom seemed to take offense to the fact that I didn’t take my trolley out the store ;o His precise words to me were “who do you think you are” and “what makes you think you’re so different from anyone else” Alarm bells ringing yet. For those like myself whom have lived all over England this rhetoric of attack is not uncommon but what is surprising is that this came from a young black male twice my size in every direction and half my age. Self hatred is a term that I would comfortably use for him. I’m not sure whether he felt threatened by my presence my confidence or by the fact that I make no apologies for who I am confident and comfortable maybe he felt I was visiting the store too often and encroaching upon his territory hahahaha but either way all the store manager had to do was lie and the problem has now become me and my attitude. Ummmm sound familiar hahahahahaha the complaints team now feel confident having been told it’s a black man complaining to either over talk me on the phone or just outright shout hahahaha and this is the team based at the CEO’s office… Oh my days I tell you I feel another Rutland experience coming on ;s that being the case watch this space as it’s going to be an interesting ten years and I’m sooooo looking forward to telling the stories of my experiences thus far two years in and even the local government official’s are confident to state blatantly that this town is run by the old boys network hahahahahaha and thus there’s no chance for me ;o I’ve got so many phone call’s to dig through but rest assured those Tesco ones are up in the top five after I’ve dealt with the local Council and Housing Association ummmmmm 2020 is it hahahahahaha 8D Xx


Catching up with a few projects that have been in boxes and the like ;D


Suspended Twitter

My Twitter account is still suspended due to my calling Alan Duncan a cunt which of course he is he’s the epitome of what is wrong with this country a total contradiction of what made Britain great sixty years ago he and his friends would have been sterilised but today they continue to reduce this county to a home for Europe’s poor in order to increase their own profits and shares in industry it’s about time the British people found a backbone and got rid of these bigots foreigners don’t/wouldn’t come here unless they were allowed welcomed and encouraged by businesses which they are…….

I do question a Christian based society that is run by a political elite that is one third gay which has eroded all notions of not only family based tradition but morally undermined the very basis of society itself why else would murderus youth be tolerated and become the norm…

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