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Does this belong to you
I found it while walking
At first I was not sure
What to do I took it home
Gave it a corner to call
It’s own I gave it light
I gave it dark in all things
I did I allowed it to take
Part but its demure remained
The same no getting smaller
Nor weight did it gain so
I took it for a walk and to
My surprise it did start to
Talk of long and distant times
Of things that were done
To it which it considered a
Crime but now as it told its
Story to me it said that there
Was only one place it wanted
To be and that was back in
Your arms hoping that for you
It still had some charm so to
This I did agree I got it new
Clothing for not wanting you
To see its battered state it ask
So little I did not hesitate and
Now as you can see your heart
Is now ready to leave and come
Back to you willingly ;x

If I could be another would
I change my self and possibly
Discover that other thing that
So many call wealth would
I give up all that has brought
Me thus far

If I could be somewhere else
Would I miss the sunrise would
I miss those moments that give
Me cloudy eyes of memories
Of past times showing that
Emotion of considered crimes
To the soul would I loose all
Notions of what does keep me

If I could be in another time
Would I recognise myself would
Myself I define in some other
Way would my yes be no and
Maybe my someday

If I could be you I’d know that
I would not be here today for
My soul would leave me and I’d
Have nothing to say but goodbye
To that reality that used to be

If I could be anything I’d be me

Come let us now speak a while
Of those things done in darkness
Those things that are vile to the
Very core what was that you
Said you’ll do them no more

Come let us now speak a while
Of the deception you portray
Your only true style for you
Have no mind of your own
Your actions are those just
Of the clone you are

Come let us now speak a while
Of those things you have mentioned
Of those things you defile for
Did you think that I was blind
Did you really imagine we are
One of a kind

Come let us now speak a while
Put away the games and let go
Of that pile of false memories
For I am not what you imagined
Me to be step back step back and
Maybe you’ll see that I’m more
That constricted shadows

Come let us now speak a while
And show true reason

It is what it is y’all saying to me
Drives me bloody mad can you not
See the defeatist attitude that goes
Hand in hand I’m gonna be rude for
I shal not give up hope ill not lay
Down nor hang by that rope of
Complacency I will not say tomorrow
Will be what it will be for I have
Not finished with today I’ve only
Just started got so much to say

It is what it is y’all saying to me
I’m ready to scream for can you
Not see that your already beaten
You might as well lay down for
Your already dead from the neck
Up I’d feel sorry for you and wish
You luck but I don’t I just keep
Thinking on those words you will
Choke for I haven’t given up today

It is what it is y’all saying to me

If the heart could choose the one to love
the one they call finger in a fingerless glove
would not the whole body close down no need
of the eyes no need of that frown

If the eyes could choose that one to love
Would we be safe from the heavens above
For look and you’ll see so many like me
Open and willing to hug away the tears
That say never you never give up

If the arms could choose that one to love
Would you still hold me would you give
Me that hug of reassurance to merely
Say forget about tomorrow let your troubles
Melt away


Will you not love me for the soul
That is within me that shines when
It thinks of your name or the joy
It brings to make my heart sing
And put an end to this game of life
The fuss and the strife of toing and
Throwing away

Will you not love me for the soul
That we share that notion of other
Of always being there when we are
Apart that consideration that says
To another don’t even start that
Game of make believe for my eyes
Are open you will not deceive that
Which is no longer mine for my heart
Has spoken and given as token all
That is considered divine


Inspired by the young gal Amanda ;x

It’s hard sometimes not to give
In to the pressure of normality
To stop to begin to be like that
Other to pretend not to feel to
Pretend not to bother

It’s hard sometimes not to give
Out to those around you with
Drama and shouting out loud
Entertaining the crowd that
Gathers to see a demise

It’s hard sometimes not to give
To fall down for quickly they’ll
Trample you into the ground up
They go an inch at a time using
The bones either yours or mine

It’s hard sometimes not to give
Up to fall gracefully and not give
A fuck about the others in life to
Walk on sister brother husband
Of wife

It’s hard sometimes not to give

To take a love that is not yours and you can not reciprocate is wrong to the deepest level for this is deceit unto the self the spirit and the other and to do so goes beyond physicality and game I wish that others would see the honesty in this and not get hung up on the seemingly rejection aspect for that it is not for in reality it is to not claim what is not yours and thus to show love unconditionally rather than to pretend to be in love…!

Sometimes when we loose something
The focus becomes that of negativity
Instead of that of consideration for
What we had and the joy and blessings
That it brought at the time for each
And every day is a blessing so when
It’s gone dont get it twisted as nothing
Last for ever and the mere fact we
Had it for however long should be a
Reason to rejoice for some only have
Imagination and not memory ……!

Should I not wake in the morning
then let my soul be at peace for
the night has taken me to that other
place where its mind be set free in
the sunshine of the world

Should I not wake in the morning
then close my eyes should they be
open seeing the last of that which
was about me for surly I would have
looked to see in the darkness that
which was coming for me

Should I not wake in the morning
then do not weep for surely this
would be a blessing for not to have
lived to become just another sheep

Should I not wake in the morning
then know that I have gone willingly
for my mind and spirit have grown
weary from the restrains of physicality

If nothing else we have
the darkness in which to
clearly see to tell the difference
between you and also me for
freely shall I walk and talk
for have I not shown this in
all my consistency

If nothing else we have
that thing we like to call
history for should it be
reflected upon surely you
would see the error of your
ways the things that are meant
to be gone but somehow do stay

If nothing else we have
the day to guide us in those
things we say for shall not
all come to light be shown
to be to stand or make flight
for only the wrong shall flee
for have not the righteous died
for thee enabling this free speech
although at times impossible to
seek the truth amongst it all

If nothing else we have
the now lost lost in visions
or deluded somehow but the
words of deceit that often do
come out of the mouth to greet
by those passing in your time

Close your eyes and imagine
those times of yesteryear
those times of children holding
hands and walking without
fear into the night of the inner
cities surrounded by the glow
of the yellow street lamps under
the gaze of passer-byes enjoying
the moment not complaining of
the cries of merriment and children
saying good byes as the headed
to their homes

Close your eyes and imagine
how it must of felt to know of
safety and that each heart would
melt into the eyes of a child not
concerned with judgement or
notions of running wild but
remembering those times when
to be so young was to be really free
only consideration was to be happy

Close your eyes and imagine
those times for have not our
children lost their childhood is
this not the real crime of living
in a democracy where crimes are
encouraged and paedophiles run free
having more rights than the children
this is depravity this death of the
innocence supported politically

Close your eyes and imagine

Child killers teaching kids….

What is the purpose of having an enhanced CRB. Having done some investigation into the CRB system I am somewhat surprised to learn that in fact it is nothing more than a fallacy. Regardless of what is on your CRB it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to employ an individual. It is thus that wife beaters ex murders, those that have killed people in road traffic accidents and even someone whom has killed a child in a car accident are still able to gain employment from teachers to council workers to members of parliament. So that does beg the question why is the CRB process necessary and what is its main goal or agenda. Of course I have my own opinions for even in yesterdays news with certain individuals victimised by the police and judiciary and having a charge constantly upon their records it reduces the chances of them obtaining work or full time employment. There is no law to protect you from the law and those whom use and abuse it’s power to act discriminatory regardless of whether they be police officers local councillors or members of parliament. In so many jobs you would be dismissed if you had an outstanding charge against you or you were on bail for several months but that does not seem to be the case within Rutland County Council or the government per-say but here serving members of the Council and local MP’s continue to receive public money and go about their every day business despite being guilty of a criminal or civil offence. My only conclusions is that the enhanced CRB system is a waste of tax payers money in assisting those whom would otherwise exclude individuals based upon their own likes dislikes prejudices legitimising that no we don’t want your kind working here a reflection of the statical over representation of certain classes, groups and races of people whom represent this countries underclass and long term unemployed…..

Board of Governors endorse racism at Catmose College

I’m not surprised that the board of governors of Catmose College part of the Catmose Federation have chosen to endorse the discriminatory actions of the current head master of Catmose College. It is not the first time they have endorsed such actions but it will be the first time I am taking them to court for it. Unfortunately for them I am a very good keeper of records and this current action will enable me to bring out all the discriminatory practices bullying both verbal and physical towards my previous son whom attended their school and has also had to not only endure such actions from this racist community but was in fact denied an education by both the school and the local council Rutland County Council to say nothing of the discrimination that he received at the hands of the local police. The thing is these bigots think that they can continue their actions and that there is no accountability for their actions or omissions. It really is about time you individuals were dragged by the throat into this year of 2013 instead of trying to carry on as you have done for the last how ever many decades. I’m no going anywhere and despite you closing ranks plus use of the local Rutland Country Council under the leader ship of the chief Helen Brigs , MP Duncan Smith and Rutland Police you don’t scare me…….

End of days they say to me
nothing we can do this is gods
work don’t you see
are you really that crazy are you
really that blind do you not know
that within you god you will find

end of days they say to me
oh get away from here I would rather
be that which tries till it’s dying day
I’ll not lay down while others say there
is nothing we can do for do you not know
that is the devils work too such apathy
of mind to break the spirit I think you
will find

end of days they say to me
borrow my eyes and see what I see
for then you shall know that we are
deceived for the riches of the earth
are constantly upon the agenda of man
supported by his greed

Should the eyes be the window
to that other place why is it that
we look in every other place when
we meet that perceptive other
can it be false can it be misleading
are there other things that we can
discover by seeing that physicality
by not observing the soul can you
really see me

should the eyes be the window
to both in and out what of the mouth
the hands and there abouts those
other aspects of the extremities
the one’s that call us could they
possibly be something other than
the self could they give indication
to mind and health

should the eyes be the window
then let me not see the sorrow the
pain that they bring to me for these
are the things that I see in the eyes
of those passing me by

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