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Teachers & Students

Students a b and c are given the number 1

Student a comes back a week later ands says 1 lead me to 7 so the teacher gives the student 8 and sends them away

Student b comes back and says yes it’s number 1 so the teacher gives the student number 2

Student c does not come back so the teacher goes looking for the student. When the teacher finds the student the student gives the teacher the letter a. The teacher takes the a smiles and leaves.


Rutland County Council and missing monies ;o


Rutland County Council and shrinking Jubilee funds ;s


Meeting one “we have £10.000 for the jubilee celebrations”


Meeting two “we have £10.000 for the jubilee celebrations”


Meeting three “we have £7.500 for the jubilee celebrations”


;o was there a celebration that we missed out on…? Was there a miss calculation of the amount as we know there a fairly uneducated bunch down there or is this the miss application of funds ;s either way no one batted an eye lid and no questions were raised or asked… is no one bloody accountable in this god forsaken county ;s

How corrupt are Leicestershire police…..? having been called to investigate the most disgusting of abuse scenarios theft from the elderly ;s Leicestershire police investigated the systematic and continual theft of large amounts of money from the account of a resident of the care village in Oakham Rutland. A total of £16.000 had been steadily and slowly withdrawn from a residents bank account. Upon investigation the police “found” the money at the back of the safe of the care home and were given the justification that the resident had requested that the money be withdrawn from the bank and stored in the safe ;o . The investigation was dropped and no charges were brought ;s wtf….? there’s either some serious dick sucking going on here or those involved have great influence for to money in such a way could not have been achieved by one individual 2. Are there not laws protecting the elderly from such abuse 3. It must go against every known practice within the care industry for this to be able to take place in the first instance 4. Whops forgot this is Rutland and they need respond nor justify their actions to no one ;s

I regard myself as a developing sprit and as such I am concerned as to the loss of my brothers and sisters to the constraints of religion and it’s hypocrisy for how is it that you love that which was brought about to distort you to confine your being to history with no part to play than the mystery of why you are hated so. I cry for you my children for the time of your being misled is close to being revealed and how so you will cry loudly we did not know we did not know…!

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him in the politicians
Lair there was something about
That conformity the suite tie and
Well groomed hair that seemed
So out if place and not to care

I went seeking Jesus and
In the churches he was not
There behind the colours of
Grandeur and the distance
That is more than air from
The alter to that first old lady
In the pew to me at the back
Looking at you and wondering
Is this really true that mans
Rule has come to an end

I went seeking Jesus and
Did not find him until I went
Home and he asked where
Have you been for I was
Here waiting for you

If your given as a child the image of aggression avoidance and negativity endorsed by sexuality how is it possible to then view the other as farther husband lover friend… To be black and conscious is to be a man…!

Walk tall black man
Walk tall for beneath
Your feet are a thousand
Brothers and sisters
Who’s history you are
Walk tall black man
Walk tall for within
That wide expanse
Of your arms are a
Million miles traveled
Throughout life’s journey
Walk tall black man
Walk tall beneath the
Glaze of hostility are
The eyes of knowing
That have born witness
To our peoples demise
Walk tall black man
Walk tall do not shed
A tear for the departed
For it is the living that
Are being put to the test
In a war that we could
Not have started for
Occupation was not ours
To confess
Walk tall black man
Walk tall for are you not
My brother my farther
My son the one to teach
Those yet to come of
Forgiveness and the being
Of one
Walk tall black man
Walk tall

Selective policing and the testing of surveillance laws in Rutland County…!

Having been asked to keep a diary of local disturbances out side my yard by the local beat Babylon ;o due to local kids being foul mouthed and bullying both younger kids and adults I was somewhat surprised to receive a visit from said Babylon enquiring if I had videos of said abusive kids being abusive to my neighbor. His concerns were not that the kids were being abusive but whether or not I had broken the law in videoing them without their parents consent. It was my intention to video them but the camera was in picture mode ;s not only shall I video them should they return and carry on with this kind of behavior but also any subsequent visits from the Babylon as they have and continue to demonstrate that what I do is of more concern and interest to them than those things they would supposedly have me do for them or other breaches of the peace or law. The poor neighbor got no response when she phoned to report she was being verbally abused ;s after all this is the County of Rutland


Did you not hear me screaming
Last night as I closed my eyes
I was filled with fright as the
Darkness closed in with all
My might I tried to protect
You from the shadows
Of my mind did you
Not feel the cold
As it crept in
The door

Of my mind and an end

Do not cry for me angel

From above

For do you not see the

Tears of yours falling

And causing a flood of

Guilt and inadequacy as

In the distance others

Do see and wonder

Why it is so that the heavens

Above do consider so

These lowly lives of


Do not cry for me angel

For my suffering is almost

At an end and soon will

Come the release from

This pain we call living

And thus surely there will

Be gain in the setting free

Of my mind and an end

To my physicality

Let me close mine eyes once

More to see the beauty of

This dream of mine and yours

For daylight brings no joy

In its hurry to tear from me

My heart and all it’s imaginations

Captured with that look in your

Eyes as they glisten and smile

With me

Let me close mine eyes once

More never to be woken

Always to be sure that here

Is where you will be wanting

Only me hush now my dear

For this distance of time has

Been travelled and our journey

Draws to an end forever

Will we rest in our own

Time and place

Let me close mine eyes once

More and return home

For ever more

Would you rather it be that

My souls imagination die upon

The winds of concern for those

Things that have little meaning

In the valleys of life’s refection

To the passing of those lights

That far too often are not seen

In dawns reality of mans destruction

I see your light and rest quietly

In it’s glow in preparation for

The coming darkness for

I feel it’s origins within


Burn bridge burn

Burn bridge burn that I may

No longer return down this

Path of darkness leading nowhere

But to the sadness of my soul

And the reluctance of my mind

To make those things whole

Which are now broken

Burn bridge burn that I may

Forever march forward to

That place of tranquillity where

My heart does yearn to

Be free

Burn bridge burn

Well worth putting up again ;D

Nothing has changed and I so feel for those that are in this situation now…. but should there be a need… call on me… stop me when I’m out walking the dog or listen for him barking the place down when I am in tesco’s you’ll catch me on the way out…. oneness always…!


update…. this is my most visited entry of all my blogs and poems…. I settled the case against the police out of court and have another two pending… the case against Rutland County Council was buried once in Notthingham county court whom outright refused to contact or converse with me and then the same again six months later by Melton Mobray County Court whom continue to make judgements upon the case even though it is out of their jurisdiction… as long as I have breath I will continue but to say that I am experiencing the same from every government department that I have the misfortune to come into contact with would be just telling it how it is and has been in these parts for god knows how long….!

the original entry can be found at

I have been granted leave by a Nottingham Judge to take both Rutland County Council and Rutland Police to court for discriminatory practices!!!


There is not a solicitor in the country not even the CRE whom are now England Help Line (pmsl) whom are willing to come and take on some of the oldest families in England.


So as fucking always I am having to go it alone!!!


If I should go missing one night, have an accident, be put away as mad or end up in prison then you know why init as money talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would not say that I am much of a royalist ;s although I did used to like when charlie boy would open his mouth every now an again just don’t understand why when they still have the ability to disband parliament they have not done so in the light of corruption dishonesty and slackness in general still there’s the street party and torch route up so now where to release the hound and catch it for YouTube ;D can hear the fingers of the local Babylonians itching for another trumped up charge ;o must be still grinding teeth over the last three losses to the unrepresented man ;D

Rutland County Council Stinks

Plastic gangsters hiding in plastic macs ;D

Never really been one for reading ;s hate the whole sitting still thing but will be making a bit of an effort this morning as am coming across so many names that are the same and which I have dealt with ;s bringing it to a different level now

It would seem that I am not the only individual having concerns around Rutland County Council, Leicestershire police and local councillors ;s these two individuals have had the same intimidation false use of their internet site false allegations and attempts to bribe ;o spider has a new project to crawl all over ;D

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