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Those things that pass us by

I am not one for

Not taken to that fancy
of watching

Those things that pass
us by

If you were to look

There is a twinkle in
minds eye

Sometimes I remember

Feelings of yesteryear

Those long and lasting

That even now still
bring me cheer

Reminisce in a knowledge
of sharing times with you

Grateful for a knowing

The mere fact that I
have experienced the likes of you

Now that time has spoken

And banished you to the

I remember gratefully

For your image will
ever last

Sealed in time immortal

In that place I call my

Happy and content with the

That you are a part of
my whole

And thus it is I

To always guard carefully
my soul……

You deceived me when my
heart was open

When my eyes were

I listened to the world
with my souls ear

Feeling for connections
oblivious to fear

You glimpsed my soul
stealing such a view

Then came to me with a

That it was you I knew

Deep in thought and

Weighed in balance and

Decisions made, voices

Time now spoken it was
love you killed

Not just a chance to
enhance such a life

But opportunity to
quell trouble and strife

The world now seems a
darker place

Explained your concerns
for rush and haste

But to you I extend the
deepest of thoughts

For a feeling of
knowledge of being

In that darkness caught

Extended to you is this
path of light

Not to be mistaken for
souls to unite

But merely reflections
of what was to be

For in past distance in
your place was me…..

Sun a rise up…..


I watched the battle

Rage across the sky

Night did a flee as the

Sun did rise up on a high

Birds dem did a praise

The start of de day

Stars dem did a twinkle

Like someting dem did want say

Watching de moon a hide up

In a cloud

Sun a push back an a shout

Out loud

Praise be to the high for

Seeing trough the night

Born a new day an a

Another chance to fight

Watched is dis ting of

Everlasting fight

Older dan memory

Like darkness an light

Caught in a glimps of

A twinkle in a yeye

Such tings dem bigger

Dan the you an de I….

Still me a watch and

Reason wid the one

Fa every creature know

De early bird dem song

Come and gather at the

Start of each day…

Liff up you head and

Prays dem me say

Know where you stan

And for what you a fight

Fa if you no know you

Will fall in to night

Time fee you choose

What a wrong an a right

Fa you must walk in

A day or walk in a night

You told me you were lonely

So I carefully held your hand

Looked deep beyond externals

Hoping to understand


You told me you were lonely

So I carefully held you tight

You expressed to me how strangely

You felt the days and night


You told me you were lonely

So I carefully kissed your brow  

Expressing those emotions that

We commonly share somehow


You told me you were lonely

So I gently stood back a pace

Not wanting to give false hope

Or disappointing just in case


You told me you were lonely

And had somehow lost your way

I told you as your friend in need

You always had somewhere to stay


You told me you were lonely

And wanted me in your life

That you were looking for more

Than friendship and assistance in life


I told you I was lonely to help you easy

Your pain, not for deception or your

Heart to gain…


I told you I was lonely as no other

Like me I have found, not for you

To stand before me and cut of

The view of ground


I told you I was lonely as this reflects

My soul, no want or associations

With others could every fill this hole


I told you I was lonely for I too lost

My way, seeking in such darkness

For brightness leading the way


So many of us are lonely but seldom

Find a friend, so many of us are without

Another upon whom we can depend


So many of us are lonely but not sure

Of what we seek, not the warmth or

Comfort of another will fill this gap



Unfinished….. continuing the understandings of life!!!

IN THE MELTON MOWBRAY COUNTY COURT                         8NG02777




Richard Bradley Wilks                                Claimant




Rutland County Council Chief Executive Helen Briggs Defendant



­­                        PARTICULARS OF CLAIM






  1. The Defendant is sued in her capacity as Chief
    Executive for Rutland County Council. She was at all material times
    responsible for the direction, control and acts of all Rutland County
    Council employees, whether specifically identified by name or not, in
    these Particulars of Claim. Those employees were at all material times
    acting in purported performance of their Council functions.

  2.  The
    Defendant is a public authority for the purposes of section 19B of the Race Relations Act 1976 and a provider
    of services for purposes of section 20 of the 1976 Act.


Factual Background


  1. Malachi Lloyd Wilks was permanently excluded from
    school in September 2006 as such Rutland County Council were in attendance
    and aware of all mitigating circumstances surrounding said exclusion

  2. That Rutland
    County Council have failed to provide adequate educational provision since
    September 2006

  3. That Rutland County Council have withheld
    information applied for by the Claimant under the Data Protection Act

  4. That between December 2005 and October 2008 Rutland
    County Council have inappropriately responded to complaints from the

  5. That Rutland
    County Council have refused to follow Governmental Guidelines in relation
    to the carrying out of investigations and the informing of external bodies
    upon findings

  6. That Rutland County Council have failed to provide
    Governmental educational provision recommendations for pupils permanently
    excluded from school’s

  7. That at all times Rutland County Council have
    provided a sub standard service to the Claimant and his son

  8. The Claimant is Black British. He alleges that he
    was subject to less favourable treatment on the grounds of his racial
    origins in the following respects:

The failure of
Helen Briggs Chief Executive to investigate complaints of racial discrimination


  1. Further and alternatively, by reason of the matters
    set out above, or any of them, the Defendant’s employees discriminated
    against the Claimant under section 20 of the 1976 Act either because:


They failed to provide
the Claimant with services; or

They failed to provide
him with services in the like manner as is normal in relation to other members
of the public.


  1. As a result of the matters set out above, or any of
    them, the Claimant has suffered loss and damage, distress and inconvenience
    in respect of which he is entitled to damages.

  2. Further, the Claimant claims aggravated and
    exemplary damages. He will rely upon the following facts and matters in
    support of this part of his claim:

The Claimant suffered
particular distress by reason of the fact that his son was the victim of
discriminatory practices

There was a failure to
follow procedural and governmental guidelines

There was a failure to
deal expeditiously with the Claimant’s complaints;

The Defendant’s
employees failing to deal with his complaints with the seriousness and
sensitivity they deserved;

At least two employees
fabricated a false account as to the options available to the Claimants son
upon exclusion from school

The Defendant has
denied liability throughout, failed to apologise and sought to justify the
actions of her employees

Insofar as the
Defendant continues to stand by the conduct of her employees, this constitutes
a further aggravating feature;


  1. In support of his claim for aggravated damages, the
    Claimant will seek to rely upon any other relevant matters which may
    become apparent upon service of the Defendant’s statement of case,
    disclosure of documents and as a result of the conduct of the Defendants
    case before or during trial.

  2. Further, the Claimant claims interest pursuant to
    section 69 of the County Courts Act
    on all sums awarded to him at such a rate and for such period as
    the court thinks fit.

  3. And the Claimant claims:

A declaration of
unlawful race discrimination;

Damages, including
aggravated and exemplary damages; and

Interest on the basis
set out in paragraph 15 above



Richard Bradley Wilks

I believe that the facts stated in these
Particulars of Claim are true:


Signed: ……………………………….

Name: Richard Bradley Wilks

Date: Monday, 06 October 2008


 I am at court with
Malachi in a few hours and can not sleep… not a lot I can say really is
there…. I am still fighting a system that is allowing him to fail and has
done continually for fuck knows how many years…. we live in a system that is
based upon failure… someone has to go to prison…. someone has to be
arrested…. someone has to go to court….. and someone has to reach a lower
level of academic achievement…. convenient and coincidental that once caught
in any of the above you have a better chance of being involved in the
others…. where would we be should all chose to follow the rules, regulations
and conformity… no need for any form of social constraint or restraint or the
mechanisms that support them…. while we move more and more towards a less affair
government all of the above can surely only expand as the disgruntled become
the majority and the legally protected the minority… laws were instigated
along biblical lines to protect those that have from those that do not…. as
such it has been developed and fine tuned to the point that the more you have
the easier it is to protect it…. I find it distressing to know that the only guaranteed
legal aid now is that of discrimination and immigration…. what the fuck kind
of world are we turning into when you can not protect your rights unless you
can afford to….


My midnight reading for the last week
has been the new and revised Practice Directions Application and Interpretation
Of The Rules…. no comment… but with one case (the police) in court next
month and Rutland County Council pulling out all the stops at the local county
court I have no other alternative than self education….. I am not surprised
to see their legal representative lie in written form after so many of the
staff members have done so verbally…. they are safe in the knowledge that
those like them within the judiciary will not allow the collapse of their world
and will brush aside not for the first time any calls for justification…..
those people that kill their children for what ever reason…. shoot….
stab…. steal…. to me represent an internalisation of frustration and self hatred
that should be directed towards the likes of my local council whom pick and
choose their targets the world over… this is a tried and trusted system to
systematic control and manipulation….. let’s wait for the monitory crash and
see you people on the streets hay!!!!   

Dreams awake me in the midst of night

Dreams of grandeur dreams of fright

Deepness of anguish deepness of soul

Sweat pouring from thoughts of being whole


Dreams awake me in the midst of night

Not sure of reality not sure of what’s right

Missed opportunities seen deep in the past

Questions emotions come quickly and fast



Dreams awake me in the midst of the night

No longer alone my hand been held tight

Deepness of feeling from distance long passed

Feelings of anguish that somehow did pass


Dreams awake me in the midst of the night

Devoid of emotion

Devoid of emotion

I stand and watch our kind

Not wanting to condemn all

I see and looking for reasons

To be kind…


Devoid of emotion

I watch as others pass me by

Looking deep within nothing

Catches minds eye


Devoid of emotion

I turn and walk away

Not wanting to witness

Such destruction  that

Surely comes your way


Devoid of emotion

I  find a place of

Alone secluded space

Provided for mind to have

A rest


Devoid of emotion

I allow my soul to weep

For gone are such times and

Places where all were considered



Now all seems devoid of emotion

question this reality

would separate

from me


question this reality

would stop us

being the me


question this reality

values more than life

power and hypocrisy

than husband and wife


question this reality

kills in order to save

of consequences

justifications that are grave


question this reality

does not consider


would rather dissect

adjust and make such

just to be sold


question this reality

lessons from past

not learn

hidden in all answers

a truth that we must learn


question this reality

looks to apportion blame

do we not see that in such

there truly is nothing



question this reality

look for my escape

that I am a coward

not wanting to be part

such a mistake


question this reality

ask it to justify

after two thousand

governments do stand by


question this reality…………….



I lost my motivation while walking

Deep in dreams


Now somewhat devoid of devotion in

Reality now it seems


No longer would I cross that line

Where so many have gone before


I lost my motivation while walking

Deep in dreams


Visions of the future which were clouded

By long lost screams


Seen were past endeavours viewed in such

Fading light


Lost was all conceptions of what was

Wrong our right


I lost my motivation while walking

Deep in dreams


And now that I am awake reality

Is not all it seems


Gone are aspects of humanity revealed

In such light of day


For looking closely as I often do

There is nothing worth such a fight


I lost my motivation while walking

Deep in dreams

my fallen angel

look up high in the sky

for the one

bump into others walking

earth who also are looking for one

like me do not see

busy looking up that

blind leading the blind

appear to be

the time with grace of kind

right beside me

sometimes just behind

my fallen angel

just for me

up was the glory of heaven

walk along side me

fallen angel in all her glory

blind so stupid

mortals can so be

we rush around blindly

seldom do we see

walking among us

so many fallen angels

for the love of you and me…….

I watched from a distance

As time passed us by

No regrets or wonder

Nor tears in the eye

Visions of grandeur and doing my

Considering children and the happiness

They do bring

Now comes full circle and
justification is asked

What were decisions made that would

Two pints of larger and a packet of

On seconds thoughts make that a
brandy love

It’s time to get pissed

Considered responses not just
plodding along

Kicked that old duke box time for a
new song

Broken wings from birds that don’t fly

Criticised comments and you didn’t even

Stuck were you are so blind and don’t

I would rather my children follow

Not even me

Restricted by mind sets that are
hollowed with fear

Some wanker named Obama and they

Not for progression or consideration
of youth

But for from the poor children he is
hiding the truth

They wish to be there where he’s
standing tall

Look beneath his feet were
generations still crawl

What can I tell you other than just
stand your ground

For even without words in your
direction lessons are found

You teach when you motion for
another pint of beer

Your showing the younger’s that
alcohol holds no fear

So go where your going the same as
with me

For times and distance shows
differences you see!!!!



Twelve million empty castles
populated by one

Each is a home in the waiting to

No justification for the efforts
that are made

Just increasing sensations of known
roles that are played

Keep the Jone’s entertained and in

No time to consider that such things
are vile

Covert not the bible did say

No wonder half the politicians are

Eroded values that are no longer law

Aspects discarded now covering the

Should we legalise murder other than
in war

I wait for such times for that
bastard next door

Social erosions of things coming

No chance of Mohamed teaching in my class

Visions of changes for entertaining
the young

Go read up on history for change is
a gun

Taken at chances to eradicate the

For even Obama would have died in
the past

If not for those willing to stand up
and fight

Even though this lead to deaths in
the night

Poor man Martin just wanting to

Didn’t reach no mountain I think you
will find

Peaceful means that were killed with
a gun

Yet we keep lining up like this shit
is fun…..

November the what!!!

November the what!!!! I swear to god I dont know where the year has gone…. I just turn round and the year seems to have run off from me…. this being the first real break that I feel I have had this year I only just get the time to catch up wid one or two letters dem and looking back I can not beleive that the year nearly done… where the hell did it go??? As my friend Cinders said I soon gone back in my little hole like the spider that I am. and fa true that’s how it is…. my world is in there and it’s not till I come out and run around a little that I see what is going on…. so much seems to have changed and so little is different….. heaven know’s…… gonna have a mad 48 hours and blast down the walls and blow out the windows before Malachi come’s home on sunday an tell me bout tun down the music ffs….. already had one letter from the council since I got me amp… have not blown this one so there is some longevity in it and peeps not happy now ffs…. still told them to go an measure before they come tell me anything so gives me another month or so blasting before the final warning init…. enjoy it while you can I say ffs…. see that moutain top in wales getting ever so close now init…. if Obama/OBone can do it there’s hope for me yet init pmsl ffs….. outta here…. Cinders any how you phone me just to make me turn down the music again watch me an you init jokers….. you is a good fren and give pure jokes for life… one love………

Got one thing to say to one or two family members an ya
know who you are so take heed init……. “your standing on ground that was
cleared for you….. before that time you had no space……. don’t carry on
stink co’s none will challenge you….. co’s things did gwan for you to have
grace….. so open ya eye and look around…. if ya feel say you is a man now
go find ya own ground…. and when you done fight a life that is true….. then
come again I might have something in common wid you….. until that time just
don’t forget, cousins, children, relatives ya life is free co’s behind you lot
is someone like me, who done walk the walk and hold up your light and when you
a sleep we continue to fight!!!!

Back in the day when I was hanging people over balconies
an shit an mashing up man car for disrespecting family members you people used
to say I was carrying on bad….. but that same badness has allowed you to sit
up on the hill and carry on like say you made it by ya self ya jokers….. so
mind how you carrying on or I might have to come put you straight get me……


Don’t even know what I’m doing getting
up this time of morning….. more used to getting ready for my bed about now
than anything else ffs….. body clock gone into winter mode init… cold long
nights under the three quilts dem wid the lappy watching movies and shit

Doing the home alone thing again….
been a while since I had a break… not comfortable with the knowledge that I
need a break from my son… that one don’t sit too well wid me after all he is
my son and despite the fact that no one else can deal with him, bottom line is
it’s my concern!!!


Malachi is down his mothers spening
time wid his bro’s an that….. well so I am led to believe init…. still no
news is good news my ass, just means they don’t want to lie about where he is
and what he’s up too ffs….


Been a while since I had free time so
just blasting down the town and licking out the windows an walls dem wid some
heavy bass-line tunes (nice one Shizzla)…. peaceful if at times loud but
still you know how it is init….


Catching up wid one or two bodies and
shit!!! Not as many as I would like to but fed up wid running down peeps who
got no understanding that shit goes down and ya got to deal wid it….. chatting
wid one girl from like 4 years ago who just popped out of the blue and said yo
what ya up too……. I can understand that an how she did vanish as when shit
falling you take cover init… wish I could give that understanding and
acceptance to some that I have met, especially on line jokasses!!!

Such loss of direction has created a path

No longer restricted to concepts to last

New things open where before was a wall

Loss of direction now all stand so tall

Removed is restriction of possibilities

Now choices abound with realities

Created from thoughts of the here and the now

No longer denied with depressively how

With single direction a thing of the past

Such visions of grandeur so easily surpass

Directions directions so many are seen

So eager for life for changes to gleam


The bridge did a sway as I tried to walk

Changed conceptions of how tings did build

Different views of motion and space

No longer was I in rush dwam farceness or haste

My weakness exposed in such open a place

Brace up stan tall and steady me pace

What made dem build dis abomination to climb

No warning of sickness me look but na fine

Long walk back cross open fields

Sure of me footing and no weakness to yield

Look way me a walk is now what me do

For me frightened dem catch me and what me would do…..



Not all dreams are pleasant in nature or kind

Not all dreams are things we want pan de mind

Some dem do run we and cause up a sweat

Others are actions an tings we regret

Waking now sudden as I just did

I rub up me eye’s dem and peel back the lid

Not happy wid what me just see a gwan

Concern pan me brow as me mouth it a yarn


 Sid down and a reason
wid one or two man

No raise up me voice or lif up me han

Drink a drink and hole an a spliff

Tell pickny fe gwan fa me na warn no liff

Sid down an a reason like back in the day

Naw remines naw chat rubbish me say

Fa dees a strange times when tings naw go right

U fee open ya eye an na gwan say a night

Look whey u a go and wha u a do

Fa jah is watching an will come fee judge you…..


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