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An emotional ecstasy

Joyful without distinction

No finger of blame am I

Able to point and complain

It’s your fault there is no thing

To gain in this empty space

Of realities dreams

An emotional ecstasy

But within it’s own beauty

There is to see no other

Reason than to just be

Joyful without distinction


Desire the most

Give me that which we

Most resist

Guidance in those things

To which the mind and

Body do yearn

Claiming as we do a

Superiority in those things

We do say and do

Give me that which we

Desire the most

The chance to begin


And all that had been

In just that moment

All things came to me

Brightness was the future

And all that had been

Reflected in that instant

That could not possibly


When you held my lips

For an eternity

In just that moment

I was all I could be


So that I to may see

I remember my future

It is now clear to me

Those places I have been


And those faces I did see

Close about me do thoughts

So that I to may see

Those things of yesteryear

Amid those things yet to be

I remember my future


I remember remember

Those things that have

Been and are yet to be


I remember remember


So do in turn remember




Should all things come

How much further
That distance to the
End of imaginations
Should all things come
To pass and leave behind
Those not able to dream
This reality of being
How much further

Chase my mind away

To a distant land

Let it wonder the streets

Of a long lost reality

In order to feel grand

Open fields for it to roam

Take shade climb a tree

In order to find home

Chase my mind away

And once again I am

Alone placed in normality




To distant wonders

At which point does

The will die

And the mind recede

To distant wonders

Of how things used to


Trapped and unwilling

In that place where will

Can not be

Darkness once again

Has taken hold of those

Things thought to be

Beyond it’s reach


Lost upon the shore of none existence
Recovered from the seas of despair
Cast out from the land of the living
By those already dead to it’s meaning
Watchful for those times and beings
Of change spoken of of old before the
Memories of the elders ever saw day
Of light captured in the twilight hours
When body and mind do rest longingly
In anticipation of perfection in the years
To come was it thus my soul was taken
And bound by the dreams of yesteryear
And I cast upon the sea of not knowing

Should I speak the words of love
Declaring my all if so would you
Run to me with arms wide to
Embrace my everything
Should I ask you to hold my hand
In the storm of lifes cycles would
You be there waiting for me to
Float to my rescue and save me
From that which I fear the most
A reflection of self devoid of those
Things like emotion which bound me
To this reality that we call life
Should I call your name in the
Darkness is it you that would
Come to save me

Be known as truth

Would we be the masters

Of time

As if we are capable of choice

In that place where we do

Breathe the essence of life

And tell ourselves that

Here is where we have choice

While yet another day in the

Ignorance of our understanding

Holds us ransom

To all that could possibly

Be known as truth




We are lost alone

And in pain

That endless search

For better things

To gain

To bring about a whole

Of emotions

And a perfect physicality

We search the starts

And innermost galaxies

For that thing that

Exists in mind

Thus in the void of


Do we live out our lives



To dream no more

To kill that thing

That brings us joy

Of laughter and

The humility of hope

To bring a conclusion

To those things unknown

Hidden in mystery

To dream no more



Splintered dreams

Cracked is that mirror of


Revealed in a thousand

Shattered pieces

Those dreams of a false


Bent on the deception

Of the eyes

No longer hidden in confusion

Felt in the pain of

Splintered dreams

That place that will

Be no more

For gone is the deception

Of all things to come





That fear that creeps

Into the mind when

All seems to be going

Just right

That niggling feeling

That something is just

Not right at this moment

Lost in time

Squinting in the

Glare of reality



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