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You’ve broken my world as you appear in my exclusion shattered my reclusiveness with the intrusion of your mind which has left no space no peace to find in the darkness that becomes the light of unknowing undone are the illusions of times distances now my friend has come to find that which was forsaken in the future of a past forgotten in the reality of a dream remembered again at the beginning of an end I find you leaving to arrive in the past of what is yet to come and I know things could be no other way for what to come must be forgotten

freedom for you and I xx

I ask myself what new song
Will today bring
What new lessons from yesterday
Can I sing to fill the air
Am I alone do I care for if nothing
Else I’ll hear the echo of my song
Carried upon the wind as she passes
Me by
Sing little caged bird sing for in the
Morning who knows what will bring
My way the breeze of dawn maybe it will mean freedom for you and I xx

Police for sale…..


right where you are

For Patrizia xx

close your eyes and think a while
of the beach of lifes love
the warmth the glow of that other
the feeling that it is to be in love
no fear of drowning
no fear of the night
no questions
no answers
for everything is light in the glow
of our hearts
no more alone
no more separation
forever now a part of that
greater thing called destiny
that belonging to another
and wanting to be
right where you are

For Patrizia xx

if I were to steal a thing
do you not think that it would
be your heart I would hold it
love and kiss it tell it we would
never part

if I were to steal a thing
you would see me in your
dreams every night and to
you joy and happiness I
would bring until dawn

If I could steal a thing I
would chose your mind
knowing that you would
forever seek me trying to
find it


For Patrizia xx

call me if you want to be loved
to wake in the morning or night
and find always that missing glove
for the coldness of your hand

call me if you want to be loved
to look in the eyes of another and
see heaven above looking down
upon you longingly wanting all
that a woman has to offer and
can be

call me if you want to be loved
and have no fear of that thing that
others will seek to steal or smear
with temptation just to be near

call me lover of my mind and hearts
inclination xxX

Were distance an issue or reason would not this stop nature from having four seasons would not the world be standing still content to have sunlight balanced with chill for an eternity and yet we have daytime and nighttime you see for nature can not make up her mind sometimes she’s loving others unkind or so it seems to us for we have no consideration but only lust for the now we must find a way to view life as she does somehow with longevity more consideration for what could be a future but no necessarily for we but for the seeds blowing in the wind xx

the harshness Of birth

Did not the wind blow strong
Steering the minds memories
Of imagination back to a place
Of being long forgotten from a
Trauma of beginning of an end
That was inevitable torn from the
Comfort of conception from the
Only security lost in an instant
When forced upon the world
Oh how I long for the comfort
Of that darkness never ending
Listening to the outer beat of her
Heart not knowing where she ended
and I did start forgive me for leaving
Abandoning all that was we for here
Now I stand alone called the me
Apart from you such is the harshness
Of birth that all is lost in an instant

I was thinking

Thought about exploring this concept in words but carnt be assed at the moment ;s 🙈

Emotions are not things we are taught they develop almost in isolation of the self hidden mostly from the social

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