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if it was just a job y’all woudnt’ be taking it so personally… chua just tell the truth it’s ya life it is in fact who you are….!

If I knew what to say I would say it….

But total disillusionment is a continual state of being at present….

When you complain to an MP about discrimination you do not expect to be ignored

When you complain to the police about discrimination you do not expect to be ignored

When you complain to your local council’s chief executive about discrimination you do not expect to be ignored

When your son is assaulted in school and treated discriminatorily you do not expect it to be ignored

When the above four in their official capacity, headmaster, chief of police, chief executive and MP get together and have you arrested then you have to wonder is it time to run for the hills and join the Taliban and fight back against a system that seems inherently determined to see your demise and persecute and restrict that of your children…. give me a gun I’ll show you how to use it, give me a bomb and I’ll show you where to place it give me a sniper rifle and I’ll show you revenge for the notion of justice equality and the rule of law no longer have a place within Britain when institutions that supposedly support the common man tell you they only deal with immigrants and urgent cases that involve deportation then you know something has seriously gone wrong with this supposed democratic society of ours that is driven by the likes of Alan Duncan and the constant quest for money and power driven by business in the guise of governance of a people too weak willed to act respond or object, and with that the every increasing diminishing concepts of rights legality and what the law is meant to stand for it is merely an indication of what is to come.

It is evident that certain families do as they please not only within the county of Rutland but within England as a whole. With it’s history dating back further than 1159 and the school in Uppingham proclaiming to be one of the first private schools in the country it’s not surprising at all that the likes of Alan Duncan and his family choose to do what they want within an England that soon forgets the transgression of it’s leaders. Having been found guilty of manipulating the governments right to buy scheme by lending money to people to buy property whom then subsequently sold it to him it’s not surprising at all that he now plays such a pivotal part in Britain’s international business affairs after all if you can ignore racism in your own back yard what better qualifications for dealing with foreign dignitaries in the middle and far east.

It is against such hypocrisy and bigotry that my life revolves within Rutland…..

I don’t believe in coincidence and thus after writing so many letters of complaint to all governmental departments within Rutland I was not surprised to be informed that without justification explanation or reasoning I was placed upon a work programme that seemed determined to keep me occupied until certain deadlines had been passed in relation to court applications and appeals. Idle hands and all that. I don’t believe that it was coincidence that today when I was meant to be at home the police came round with a warrant for my arrest based upon a case that went to court without my being informed revolving around a previous arrest that is supposedly still being investigated and thus on hold. How could it be that such a thing managed to pass the notice of the CPS the courts and the police still if you believe in coincidence you have you answer…! Luckily I was in a place where I was able to get the forms needed to make two applications to court to advise them of the irregularities in bringing the case in the first instance and the issuing of a warrant in the second. But the reality of that is that I need to put my house in order rather shapish as no one seems overly concerned with following procedure or guidelines within this county instead they would rather openly conspire with the aid assistance and guidance of the police to have the complainant continually arrested, harassed charged and family members hounded in both public and private lives.

It is evident that those judicial procedural and explanatory questionnaires that these individuals are consistently ignoring are causing some discomfort as their throw caution to the wind and attack actions are becoming every so evident in all actions and interactions. Maybe I should take the advice of a stranger whom went out of their way to talk to me last week and join the Lib Dems and “just walk over the heads of these people in a year when I have demonstrated to the party my loyalties” …. you know what I’m loyal to the one and only Jah….!

No such thing as institutional racism accountability and acceptability are in hiding under such labels



I do have difficulty with justification from those individuals whom have aspects of control of the lives of others within their remit in regards to their work related activities for surely if you choose to do or allow to be done that which can be perceived as wrong then are you not in fact endorsing all actions that follow as a consequence of your act or omission and thus that I try to help where I can is just total and utter bullshit in your capacity as whatever you willingly allowed another harm justify it how you want there are no innocent or naive people working for governmental departments you in fact are fully aware of the requirements of your position….! Thus there is no notion or concept of institutional racism for it is you in your capacity and ability to make a choice that chooses to be racist and as such the notion of institutional racism has left itself open to challenge where an individual has and continues to carry out an act or omission knowing this will adversely affect an individual or group more so than any other within society…!


No such thing as institutional racism accountability and acceptability are in hiding under such labels

ASDA Food Banks

Some branches of ASDA are seeking via their community support workers programme to give food out to food banks within their local areas …. should you be connected to a charity or group that works with vulnerable individuals that do please contact you local store to see if this is operating with your area … it’s nice to think that some of the bigger companies are looking for ways to support their communities I really do hope this kind of assistance and consideration continues well do to ASDA….!

Free Pro Bono help with a barrister is still available free
so for those of you who may be able to take your concerns
and issues as far as court proceedings do not be put off by
the court representation and the intimidatorey methods that
so many inappropriate barristers and solicitors seem to steep
to in order to win a case especially those involving local government
representations which seem to base so many of their cases upon
character assassination and accusations based upon hearsay rather
than fact….
you can be put forward for local representation by your local CAB or local representative MP (unless
of course it’s him your taking to court ;o ;s) be insensitive and assertive
as neither of the above are very forthcoming with such requests and
will try and fob you off… the notion of governance is accountability and
responsibility both of which our current government seem to have forgotten
or ignore when reminded of such…!

With most establishments now keeping records in relation to ones persona mannerisms behaviour sexual orientation and encounters based upon hearsay rather than fact or evidence it is not surprising that those that are in a position to use such information are not able to justify their acts or omissions for to do so would have been a breach of data protection and flown in the face of all notions of freedom and impartiality… it is thus that the law has now been changed to justify the acquisition and retention of such information that has been kept for god knows how long. But this information has yet to come under the data protection act or freedom of information act. And it is thus that records are now able to be kept legally by one establishment and shared with all government bodies and interested parties without disclosure. Staying with that thought there is not an active paedophile that was not brought to the attention of the authorities prior to committing such acts… the governments reluctance to deal with these persons accordingly can thus be seen as its endorsement to say nothing to then draw comparisons in relation to sentencing compared to say a bank robber. That notion of paedophile could be exchanged with so many other labels e.g. dealers…!


DWP mandatory work activity‏


Below is a copy of the letter/request that I have sent to those organisations whom claim to be acting upon behalf of and with the minority communities within England. My greatest fear and concern is that their affiliation to our government goes way beyond mere economic attachment to the point where they are willing to turn a blind eye to racist legislation directed at those same communities and individuals whom they supposedly represent. A list of those contacted can be found at the end of this document. As and when I receive their replies I will post notification here. Discrimination is lead from those at the top and implemented by those further down the chain. It is fast becoming comfortable enough for these bigots to openly display and voice their racial hatred for others. For this not only to be displayed upon the streets of Britain but voiced by it’s government is merely a glimpse of what is to come.


To whom it may concern.


To whom it may concern:

Having been advised that I was to take part in the governments compulsory work program whereby individuals up and down the country are being forced to work between four and eight weeks at thirty hours per week I thought I would have a look in detail at the work programs ethos and underlying agendas. I was somewhat disturbed upset and distressed to find out that every organisation that had an input into the proposals when they were still a white paper voiced their concern over the discriminatory implications that any such legislation would have upon our communities. The government chose to ignore all raised concerns and implement the proposed actions regardless. In so doing the government has sent a clear message to all minorities within this country that they are willing to implement policies that are inherently racist. As such I have two questions. One are you aware of this discriminatory practice and two what are you doing about it.




Richard Bradley Wilks


Below is a link to the policy concerned and the identification recommendations in relation to the DWP Mandatory Work Program

The British Government has enforced its first racist legislation….!

Any black person on the jobcentre’s compulsory work programme needs to contact their local citizens advice bureau…. the work programme is a racist piece of legislation aimed at all people of colour as such I am challenging the government and it’s implementation. The Citizens Advice are aware of the issue and is collecting all information from any individual that approaches them. You can also raise the issue with your jobcentre but they are attempting to deny that it is aimed mainly at black males I am also in the process of taking them to court for discriminatory practices. If this racist legislation is not withdrawn the government will subsequently have the authority to start introducing other legislation that will break human rights and can be directed towards any group in society that it so choose. Use your rights before you lose them…….!

~ Some days…. ~.

some peeps just say it so much better than me ;D love this ;D

What happened to honour

I know more honourable thieves than policemen as most thieves can not be brought

I know more respectful cleaners than teachers as cleaners have accepted their positions rather than imagined them

I know more educated security guards than council employees for the former really do want to protect and serve rather than the latter whom pretend and manipulate

I see and hear more honesty from the homeless than for those making social policy and dictating how others should act while doing the opposite

Had our society been built from the bottom up rather than being built upon those at the bottom then surely we would not see the abuse of power that we do, the rape and manipulation of not only children but their innocence nor would we have the conditions that we do whereby the government now feels comfortable enough to endorse racist policies and legislation knowing of its impact upon the populace to say nothing of the way we treat our elderly those with disabilities and those not in employment. For the only value that one has in a modern society is that of commerce.

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