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Emulate as you often do

For originality is not in you

Emulate as you often do

For being your self is something new

Emulate as you often do

For lost and abandoned is truly you


Guided blindly for ever and a day

Don’t know what to do or to say

Guided blindly for ever and a day

Like all little puppets come let us play

Guided blindly for ever and a day

For what we are told is what we will say


Educated wisely for want or need

Told how to think and suffer in greed

Educated wisely for want or need

Shown directions in knowledge and belief

Educated wisely for want or need

Restricted in direction and also speed


Grown in wisdom and at a loss

Far to late to reclaim the cost

Grown in wisdom and at a loss

Far to much time gone covered by moss

Grown in wisdom and at a loss

Observe those coming and keeping fingers crossed

I gave you all I had to give

With open arms and mind

I gave you all I had to give

Wanting only honesty to find

I gave you all I had to give

Not expecting the same in kind


You took all that I had to give

Pretending to be kind

You took all that I had to give

Hoping more to find

You took all I had to give

Thinking I could not read your mind


I saw in you those things of kind

Those expectations blind leading blind

I saw in you those things of kind

In so many others so easily defined

I saw in you those things of kind

For within myself those things I find


You found in me a place to hide

Explanations to others of one of a kind

You found in me a place to hide

Exposed and paraded like something you did find

You found in me a place to hide

Now full of your secrets and left behind

I really have to shake my head in fucking amazement!!!! I went to an appeal today in relation to disability living allowance in regards to Malachi and his new statement of educational needs. They were more concerned with the fact that I could afford to take the boy’s camping last year than they were with the fact that The New Stamford College Stamford sent them false representation of Malachi’s needs. The College stated that Malachi was fine and needed no additional support and then tried to exclude him for his continual bad behaviour three weeks later. (did a blog on that shit already init and informed every government department and feeder authority that I could find jokeass’s). I really don’t know where these middle class assholes get off. They are concerned with everything other than the fucking job they are employed to do and even then they base their decisions upon their own prejudice inclinations and conceptions of what they regard to be right or wrong. Am I meant to sit here and ask for Prozac or some other shit because wankers like you have not supported me or Malachi over the last three years. While the appeal panel took the time to find out that I had applied for another school other than the one the statement suggested they could not make the enquiry as to why his current school had not taken part in the statementing process or provided documentation after having gone to all the trouble of applying to the secretary of state for permission to place Malachi there. Your actions and omissions go a long way to stating your intentions and goal orientated behaviour you twats!!!!

Malachi finally has a statement of educational needs. An additional twenty hours support on top of anything that a school has to offer!!!! As far as I am concerned after three years not wanting to give him any support at all that is just taking the piss and I have informed them of just that. Black kids are not statemented, they are excluded and left to fall into the judicial system and thus perpetuate that most obvious of stereo typical images of being uneducated and aggressive. Is it any wonder considering that they have had to experience a system that does not support, educate of facilitate any form of advancement for them!!! Jokeass’s!!! Still if the worst comes to the worst I am sure our community will allow him to deal, steal or otherwise keep you middle class fuckers in employment!!!!

Neo has gone on his solo mission but the war is far from over. As the machines gather momentum it would appear that all hell is breaking loose and Zion is under serious threat!!!! Pmsl as to how one man can cause so much of a disturbance and threat to what is an established institution as governmental control init!!! Time for Neo once again to don the black coat and glasses and do the superman thing jokes!!!! Morpheus where are you lol!!!!



Malachi is 15 today!!! I know where the last three years or so have gone but boy with him, Bradley and the grandchild Nathaniel here I have to ask myself dam where have the years gone to and what has changed? Spending time with the grandchild I realise how much patience I have always had and a good bloody job too if you ask me, not that anyone is or has, jokes. Some things change and some things never will, how the hell am I meant to know which is which der (tapping the side of my head over and over again)


Happy birthday Malachi

Belated congrats to Di for the 1st

Happy birthday to Ashbin for tomoz

And happy birthday to Nathaniel for the 21st


Going to see mum and dad for what could be the last time for a while before they leave the country. Chatting with a few peeps lately and it would seem that many are leaving the sinking ship England for warmer and better climates, who the hell can blame them as I have not got a clue what is going on but something is seriously fucked up with this country!!!!

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