So many are weak and afraid

Taking everyday insecurities

And turning them into daily

Confrontations of power

Struggles and domination

Eat before you are eaten!!!


Oh joyous are those who

Chose to be ignorant in their

Bliss. Gouging out the eyes

And minds of those who dare

To confront the comfortable

Equilibrium that self deceit

And deception bring!!!!



Behold the final rider blew

His horn bringing forth

Roth and condemnation

For those who were blind

To the trials and tribulations

Of the chosen one’s!!!


It’s not

People that I dislike per say

It’s the cowardice and compliancy

That comes with age and maturity

And flies in the face of all that is

Worthy of consideration and action

And leaves a lifeless shell to continue

Social interactions and encounters

Appearing only every now and again

When shocked into action and or flight!!!