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Talking about Egg sucking.



Egg sucking.

Hey Richard…you started it !
Hats, cheese, Xbox, sax.
Tupac, no iron, piggy back.
Lost lighters, brandy, grated smoke with scissored roach.
Solitaire, chess, ear pierce, bold.
Teacher. Lessons told.
Thanks for coat when cold.
High outer wall but heart of gold.
Poser with a big…..badge.
Nocturnal, physical, food dodger, dog lover, photogragher.
Writer, biter, militant, fighter.
Cleaner, chef,
Organised to pref.
Projector playing games pleasing to the eye.
OH ! Look, Papa Smurf just walked by.
Jokes, bike spokes.
From picnics in the park to foriegn shore.
Need to know no more.
Nice path to explore.
memories galore.
So pmsl, LOL and haha.
L8tas, bye and

Pace once quickened almost ground to a halt

It’s raining outside but its nobodies fault

Cold fingers piercing the ease of the night

Forcing there way into darkness and light

Shadows formed where none could possibly be

Head bowed down from such an onslaught you see

Landing with such force as to create a mist

Quicken the pace that’s enough of this

Streets deserted abandoned to the night

Nothing is moving all have frozen with fright

Nature is taking her vengeance you see

Washing the streets and hills all we see

Trying to clear away the misery of day

Ensuring that the word does not have to pay

For our transgressions on her yesterday

As deep is her pain of having to see

What I did to you and you did to me




That coldness is deep almost touching the bone

Only thing exposed is face but still I moan

Not for discomfort or the want to go home

But for this intrusion while I wonder and roam

Distance shortened heeded warning of more to come

Fingers frozen lips gone numb push ahead go run

Jeans now laden with the battle of the night

The rain is winning by morn all will be bright

Washed anew for better to come cleansed

Of the marks from the knife and the gun



I used to think I knew you so well

Same motivation same concept of hell

But time has caused a rift to appear

No matter how I listen I still can not hear

That caring phrase seems to have gone

No longer enjoyable no longer fun

Conversations seem drawn out to extreme

I see you in the distance and silently scream




I saw a stranger walking on my street

Being polite to that stranger I did warmly greet

Hi how you doing are you new round here

What brings you in this time to appear

Do you not remember the stranger replied

Of times long gone when withdrawn in side

You agreed that every little bird should sing

So you sold me your soul for some shinning new thing

So I am here just checking you see for I would

Not want things to happen to thee

You don’t look the same I said unto him

The last time we met being dark and dim

But something’s anew I can feel it inside

I’ve collected your soul and in me it resides

What is different is the essence of you

What you have noticed is what others saw too

Now it is mine and the world shall not see

Missing for ever what you could have been

Come now be happy for can you not see

That everyone one round here has a deal with me

Some to remember and some to forget

Others wanted someone else to regret

Some were angry while others denied

But to me they all came and cried

Help me help me I need things to change

I’ll do what you ask whatever the exchange

So now as I walk these streets in these times

You might hear of violence you might hear of crimes

But do not worry for the time has come

For me to collect what you all did shun

Your given right and ability to change

No longer resides confined by chains

For look in my eyes and you will see

A billion others souls just like thee



Visiting old haunts to picture a view

Examining closely reflections of you

Trapped in a time and motion confined

Probing examining looking for a way to

Surpass that feeling of stagnation of the

Growing grass beneath feet stood so

Sturdy and stable rooted in the past of

Experience and knowledge built on

Foundations of glass and deception

Supported by the lies found longing

To last eternally hidden in case the truth

Was ever grasped thus with a wisdom

Accepted comes time for a break in that

Shadow which was cast for now is the

Making of things built to surpass on new

Foundations incorporating all the past




I am


Lost of a form of expression

Feeling restricted in time

Searching for something different

Distinctively unusual in kind


Perceived are the guises of men

Encounters endured once again

Always expecting the new

Constantly bemused by the view


Surely once educated visions

Should often reflect that path

That was once chosen should

Now be a thing of the past


But much to my annoyance

Proved over and over again

That little is learned from history

Other than to do this all over again




Give me some room


Explosion felt explosion denied

Where to grow with no room inside

Lost advantage to things observed

Time restricted how bloody absurd

Fast paste nation with objective in sight

Regardless of people deprived of rights

Individual choices in institutional rings

Almost to a standstill such bureaucracy brings

Restrictive practices for impassable minds

Motivational actions so easily defined




I close my eyes


Stagnation observed in many a thing

New direction determined… bring

Period over observations in mind

Motivation the key to search and find

Targets reached from …. long ago

Lost in the clouds of things to know

Forward the motion that we now show

But as often the case alone we must go

Some seem chosen for level’s to find

While others continue with open mind

The difference in kind clearly defined

No equals to meet challenges combined

Purpose being…… the guiding thing

Holiday, education or experience do bring

Such are the answers living or surviving

How hard it is for little birds to sing….




Hour long walks to greet each new day

Ears wide open taking what the world has to say

Footsteps echo timing the faint scratch of claws

Far in the distance vibrating van doors

Old men passed not seen for a year or more

Distant mumbles compared to then open roar

Mild acceptance mingled with the still of the dawn

Slow mist rising resembles mornings first yawn

Listening closely and don’t hear a thing

Tiny birds singing bidding the moon goodbye

Daylight fighting for control of the sky

Beneath it all stand the dog and I

Places taken so come lets start the day

Words unspoken till the sun has it’s say

And thus has started yet another day

If only I could remember what I did yesterday




Balanced intervention of resources and time

Coming together to work almost divine

Distant pictures now coming into view

Shadowy figures that resemble the you

Lost agenda coming back for a fight

Holding out contentions proclaiming a right

Not to be spoken and given such height

Thus becoming in the morn more than at night

Destinies confused with the power of sight

Words often spoken till they fail to be heard

Reality painted with selective reserve

Justification so as not to confuse

The then with now and the past with our views

Dispose of as you will!!!

Images expressed for

What the eye can see

Upon examination

So closely for me

Nothing shown than

Mere physical realm

No expression or feeling

An insight once known

Images created for

Perfection to reach

Looking acceptance

In others unique

Longing for recognition

Of actions and times

Hoping for that part

To find that makes

Things work in the

Mind of the eye

And so it is with

Aided sight look

Deep in the depths

And take on the fright

Of what is now and the

Construction of me for

Want of perfection all

That’s left is what you see



Reflections of then informing

The now distance much travelled

But still here somehow trapped in

A space and time of the here looking

For expression surrounded by fear

Of the unknown and things yet to come

Lacking enjoyment that aspect of fun

So tedious the trails that others do

Bring distant is the person to show

New direction and challenges in kind

Without interference or condemning of

Mind contemplating things to make

Anew but all is rediscovery of what is

True for one as it is for the other that

Only things known can anyone discover

The median of life and the reason for being

If unclear is the reason you’re here to express

And respond to interaction without your

Baggage to include indignation of things

You perceive as all are mistaken if in lines

You read for more than they are taken as

A glimpse into time space and motion not

Something divine or to create commotion

But an expression of kind of thoughts that

Are passing as caught by the breeze and tossed

To the world to be swept up with leafs

And conveniently disposed of or used for their kind




Go suck an egg!!!

This one is for you Di

I’ll try to stick to the

Grammatical rules

That you know so well

But hay no promises

As I like to do my own



Just a little poem

For someone like you

Can make no sense or

Follow til told what to do

So don’t get worried or

Try to make fit the box

Things you don’t understand

Or when you feel lost

So take it as written

That some things can be

Deeper than your knowledge

And that includes me

So go back and read

With openness of mind

And pretend you don’t know me

And do not confine what I have

Written to the past of the then

Then maybe you’ll see

What was not written with pen

But with openness of mind

Looking things anew so that

Those words expressed would

Not reflect you or the knowledge

We shared on long distant shores

So jump and jump as much as

You like for the fear has gone

That was once in the night

And now clearer skies shine

For the coldest of hearts to

Get warmed up and make a new

Start to do something no other

Has known to test some boundaries

To find a new way of saying

Thanks for visiting and have

A nice day it’s turned out to be


Mataxa bigmouth bring it!!! Joka!!!


To stumble and fall

Not to rise again

To see distant shadows

And then to pretend

That all is well in this

Low state of being, that

Maybe all along all else

Was a screen, denying

The truth of the here and

Now, removing illusions

Which did appear somehow

To cloud and hinder that

Line of sight, to confuse

And bewilder in sleepless

Night, to negate the question

Of how things should be

To accept such a burden that

Some see free, to instil upon

Those that they meet in this

Life, regardless of action

Motivation or belief and

Thus it is that things now lost

Were hidden in childhood

As adult distrust in doing

What was right for all those

Concerned, instead of responding

To physical yearns



Trying to unravel the fabric of time

Discerning what is real what divine

Guidance given to those in the know

Others left to chance with nowhere to

Go reach the same point in conclusion

And space different directions Different

Race to an end that is far beyond sight

Don’t rest for sleep nor slow for the

Nightfall has come and all is now bleak

Rush to the end for your destiny to

Meet others along the way whom

Share in your quest for the brightness

Of day’s gone by and stories foretold

Of inspiration given to young and to old

For the journey that has become life

For the travels that were taken and

Avoidance of troubles and dangers

Too deep to escape from but easy to

Avoid those things that can mighty

Man fall from the graces of those

Whom they seek for companionship



You were not invited

How did you get here

You were not invited

So why now shed a tear

You were not asked

But you had an

Opinion to give

You were not asked

But you stopped

Another to live

When you were

Asked you looked

The other way

When you were

Invited you found

Another place to say

When hands outstretched

Came begging in your way

You pushed and shoved

Saying how you gave

To them yesterday

Heats been broken

With things that you

Have done

Minds confused in

Your idea of having fun

History foretold the

Coming of a son

But your mind being

Closed all you did was

Shun those that needed

You the most to scorn

Those that did not get

The chance for a better

Way of being held close

As if the past not seen

And thus rejection practiced

Every day if not to stubble

Then to just get in the way

Of progress and wonder

And what has come to be

For the likes of the children

Could surprise us possibly

Continually anew!!!

You come look and wonder

At what to say

Peek if you must

And then go away

Thoughts provoked

As to what has been

Emotions stirred

Distances now gleamed

Safe retrieval to things known

Missed opportunity

For that chance to have grown

Vague recollection of

Things once acknowledged

Distant being the loss

Of untouchable truths

Disturb this equilibrium not

For things forsaken

Were not done by chance

And thus is my direction

You saw at a glance


Motivational things are

Subject to reason

To a justification of things

To endure

Remove the reason

And there is no justification

For an individual not to

Grow and explore

Thus an explanation

Of things that are tried

Must be given for

Peace to reside

If not the defence

That I think so

Then procedural practice

You must show

Not to have chosen

Past your need

Yours not interpretation

But to proceed

Along the lines

Of those things agreed

In act’s and amendments

An abundance to read

Transgressions being a

Reflection of kind of

Your motivation and

Reasoning clearly defined


Deeper the depths to

Things that are known

Distant are the feelings

So strongly once shown

Gone is the self as a child

You did roam, expressing

Exploring of things to be

Shown, directions guidance

Being things to recall

Balanced examined and

Sometimes explored for

The chance to enhance

Discard or makeup anew

The continual ending

Being what is you






I am not really sure of what to say

Come on now it’s almost valentines day

Love has come and love has gone

But you know we still just carry on


Not for want of sensual contact

But for the reorganisation of the fact

That not is all as it sometimes seems

Sometimes we can forefill our dreams


Not to be grandus or benevolent in kind

But for that thing that betterment of mind

To know one’s self and to have known another

Surely in life there is no better to discover


Than the truth of who we really are

The distance we have travelled coming ever so far

That we have learned that inevitable sight

That to be with another can also be alone at night


And thus it is with heart in hand

We observe the world and fully understand

That commercial as it sometimes seems

For many we know these are their dreams


Not for wholeness of completion to kind

But to find that partner in mind

One to hold and present them with gifts

To demonstrate to others that their life is bless


But the truth be known and all can see

That deep in side that misery

There longs a soul who would but unite

If their partners were more than physically right


And so it is that I celebrate with delight

That friends are few, no arguments or fight

And so it must be for the enjoyment of life

For gratification is somewhere in site


Not for the finding of the perfect for me

But for the knowing of who I can be




The same people ask the same questions

As if the continual asking will change the response

No matter how many different ways you try

The question still remains the same in essence

And thus the answer must be to

Why is it that some feel the need to change

The minds of others to their point of view

Or way of thinking, why is it that many are

So easily swayed or accepting of the opinions

Of those with whom they do not really agree

Is such succumbing really necessary for an

Easy life, and is it really easy to give up and

Allow you’re self to become such a victim





I look at you and don’t see what you want

You look at me and accuse me of a front

Perception being that specific in kind

No wonder common ground no find






The concept of religion permeates our entire existence.

Even those who claim not to be religious in any way still

rely upon it’s acceptance by the majority in order to do

what ever it is that they think they are doing. What is it

about our being that makes us incapable to acceptance

of the self and it’s in/ability. 





Conversation being a two way thing

Without intelligence what is it you bring

Your sceptic ways and mystic gaze

Hoping in others for something to raise


Why that look of puzzlement in mind

For you know the truth is there to find

That you are not what you appear to be

Do you really think that you could fool everybody


Why not stop and consider for once

That what you seek you already had dunce

Consciousness of mind and deeds that were good

Now only gray matter in that space or wood


So go and find your path in these days

For what you offer is like twisted maze

No use to those who have things to achieve

Only for those others who also deceive





I knew in you I could depend

That first encounter had made a friend

A companion for times both good and bad

A shoulder to cry on when things got sad


But little did I expect from thee

But always you have been there for me

So sad that things have come this far

I hope and pray your now a start


Burn you brightness for all to see

For no other in this life well be to me

That one inspiration in the darkest of times

You were the one who forgave my crimes


And so has come the time of parting

You left so sudden no time for tears

No moment to express those hidden fears

So much you carried and did not show


You have come and gone now all will know

That in your life you looked out for others

No showing the things that we now discover

That your time was short and you did know


But in all of us you encouraged love

You surely were blessed from above

Body racked with pain and in despair

You carried on without showing a care





Up all night doing my thing

Sometimes nice to hear little birds sing

Often wonder what I’m doing in this life

Take away the heartache and get rid of the strife


What’s left but beauty not often seen

More times than not hidden by the scream

Same conversations over again

Shut up leave me alone let me walk in the rain


Solitude is welcomed with wide open arms

To walk in the county with dirty muddy garms

Watching nature do it’s wonderus thing

Seeing the world get ready for the coming spring


So little has changed since I last walked these paths

A few more lambs that unkempt grass

The wind is still blowing it’s favourite tune

Told me one time that it plays for the moon


Another day starting with wonders so deep

Watching the sun come up over sleeping sheep

The dog is of running not thinking of home

Trying to catch a fox and make it a bone


Better head back with so much to do

Polite conversation persuasion of you

Enter that place where the others do live

Pretending at times to have so much to give


The peace is now broken with murderus cries

As cars pass me by headlights like eyes

Peering deep in the darkness trying to find

There one destination nothing else in mind


Another day has woken people crawling out

The world once groaning now beginning to shout

Our intrusion can be seen on the land

Bypass and motorway disturbing the grass



It is not often that we have/receive the space and opportunity to grow. Our educational system dictates that we learn at a space and time allocated for such things, as if we stop learning when we leave school, college or university. The government’s concept of the life long learning programme is recognition of this and the difficulties that surround a view based upon limited learning. Industry seems to have caught on to this same perception in that within most careers there is the necessity to demonstrate professional development and individual growth although this is still to be reflected in one’s position of pay packet.


Find the time and space to grow!!!



You left me when

I needed you the most

Lost and abandoned

You memory like that of a ghost


Good times haunt me

Seeming so lost in the past

Distant light burning brightly

Shining to see things come to pass


Motivation an internal thing

Your mere presence

Can bring forth within


That burning desire to aspire

A better thing to achieve

Known are the few things

That love devotion and respect

Will succeed


That when you do your utmost best

You will feel the love within

No other could replace

That knowledge and sight


Only allowing things which are right

Regardless of that need to fight

That egotistical reaction to sand alone

Step back move on and respect that urge

To still stand strong and sound


We are who we be

Look for no other

And love me as me

For don’t you see

I love you enough

To let you be you



That foundation of truth in the realisation of self acceptance allows the openness to that concept of love to which we all feel so attracted too to come forth. While all know this love to have lost, the step to loving that loss is so much harder. As without it we are not here and now nor are we open to the continual love of life!!!


We all need inspiration as much as we need to inspire!!!


All of the above is dedicated to the one and only Master Isaiah Richard Wilks with whom I am able to grow and learn with his assistance.

My little man!!!

My little man wants

To come and live with me

My little man wants

To leave mummy

My little man is

Looking independence

I can not hide my

Obvious glee

My little man is

Thinking of longevity

My little man wants

To be free

My little man thinks

That there is a better

Chance for him to be

What he wants to be

My little man seems so

Serious, in what he has

Chosen to do

My little man wants to

Make his own way and

Not follow the likes of

Me or you

My little man says he’s

Not unhappy but that

He would like a good start

My little man while wanting

To move has the kindness to

Consider his mothers heart

But my little man has made up

His mind that this is his life

To make such choices

My little man is packing

His bags and is thus

Taking no notice

Of calls to wait and see

What comes or take his

Time before firing guns

But my little man is so

Impatient that if I was

Closer he would just flee

My little man is coming for

Half term after that we will

See what will be will be

My little man wants to

Come and live with me

And I can not help but

Show my glee



I am utterly disgusted and outraged to find that my landlord has been feeding my dog.


I share a joint electricity box with my landlord. While he does not live on the premises I have always accepted the fact that the electricity supply enters in my hallway and thus the electric supply for the shop comes via this access panel.


At times I have been put out by the interruptions while having a bath, cooking or washing up etc. But of late this has become a nuisance as it seems that the refrigeration units keep tripping his switches then requiring him to gain access to the entrance hall.


What is even more annoying is the speed at which he is able to call out those engineers to come and see to the matter. As yet they have not been able to identify the problem and thus every other day and in some instances every day they have needed access to the hallway in order to flip back the switches.


Now knowing how disgruntled I have been getting with these daily disruptions the landlord has taken it upon himself to start not only using the spare key that he has to gain access to the premises but because of the fact that I allow my dog to own the hallway he has now taken to feeding the dog and giving him treats so that the dog will allow him past.


My objections!!! One I do not give my dog treats. Two it is very undermining and condescending for this individual to start feeding my dog solely for the purpose of gaining daily access to the premises.


I have advised him accordingly and told him that unless he has the electricity supply for the shop moved into the shop I will be denying him access.


What is even more aggravating is the fact that over Christmas the light socket went in the kitchen. It took him seven weeks to finally get round to changing the switch so that I did not have to use a lamp in order to see what I was doing.


The toilet that was leaking took three months of nagging in order to be replaced and there is still a gapping hole in the wall where the new one is smaller than the original.


The sky light in the roof of the hallway leaks when it is raining. It has taken him two years to come round and put a sheet of plastic over this which dose nothing to reduce the draft that comes through or the rain!!!


The front door that had to be replaced swells to such an extent when it rains that I have to open the door for my son and he’s no two pound weakling!!!


And to top it all we have storage heaters that are not worth the space that they take up!!


Mad am I!!! I am as mad as hell and no longer resist the urge to go into the shop and tell him and his family how disgusted I am with the way that they have acted since I and my son have been renting this property!!! In fact I am so outraged that I have sent the details to the local press for publication. I am not one for biting my tongue but I am sending it out with a vengeance due to the pure audacity of this man to think that he can do this and get away with it. The final straw was him feeding my dog!!! That is just pushing it too dam far and now I’m pissed!!!

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