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Does not death bring that release

From anguish from the despair of

Of dying for in life was it not always

The same that constant denying that

Things could ever be the same that

Loss of peace which your eyes and

Persona became after each and every


Did I not love you enough for you to

Care was I not able to show you how

It was I did care for the children of this

World but yet you pursued me as if I

Did deserve the hatred in your eyes

Come quickly now say your goodbyes

For the morrow it will be your turn

We will meet again soon

When death does bring me

To that room of in between

In that time then all your screams

Of anguish and despair shall

I answer and give not a care

For in death shall be my vengeance

As I stand judgement over those

Things that were done in lights

Knowledge did not come seeking

All that was me

We shall meet upon the terms of

Those things that you considered

To be in darkness for ever more but

Were reveal by the last sound of

Trumpets on that final dawn of all

That remains of inhumanity come

Let us reason now for it is your soul

Which is at stake and I am as harsh

In my deaths robe as I was in the

Darkness of light

Don’t forget my beauty and

Remember that for you it did

Grow reaching for those places

That many dream of but seldom

Do know the true nature of it

All for with you love I was able

To stand tall among the grass

And the seeds from your heart

Like words to me called out my

Name always there always the

Same like the rising of the sun

I looked up and saw my way you

Did come with your compassion

With you smile your smells and

Such fascination brought me to

My knees

Don’t forget my beauty and

And those things you did which

Allowed me to be me for I have

Not forgotten your love

A spider crawled into

My eye said he wanted

To see me from there he

Went in to my mind said

He wanted to be me and

Seek those dark corners

So hard to find in those

Spaces he was ever so kind

And built his web hoping

To find all those loose things

Floating in time and lost


A spider crawled into

My mouth headed do my

Throat said he was going

Down south past the lungs

And heart he wanted to reach

My feet a good place to start

His search for reality for a place

A dwelling in which he could

Be master of his own realm

He stated he had no fear and

Wanted to quell the vibrations

Of my heart wanted to heal me

Wanted to start sharing his visions

With me for he was of the opinion

There was more to me than that

Which met his eyes

A spider crawled into

My heart not one of the others

From the outside did start but

One born of me wanted to make

Sure I was me for he had heard

So many things that his little legs

Had brought him to bring a wonder

To his world for he had a feeling my

Insiders were hurt from the living

Of it all now my spider is 5″9″ tall

And walking where ever I go and

Should the light change quickly

Then surely he’ll show himself

For what he is my support my

All that I can give for the spider

Is now me and in that take over

He did set me free from the restraint

Of it all you’ll find me climbing

Some tree or wall for the spider

And I did change place no fuss no

Argue no loosing of grace for it was

Done gracefully that deal that was

Made between spider and me to

Experience the other to have a

Change and possibly discover more

Than either could see for now I am

Him and he is me

A red rose for my garden

Sweet smelling beauty

Fresh from my heart

Sharing the sunshine

Of which we are part

A red rose for my garden

Attracting the bee’s

To come and see me

And that space that

Is made for a pardon

To compensate for that

Longing to be free and

Spend my time in the fields

Of life looking and searching

For that other way to be

A red rose for my garden

Merely a representation

Of that I see with my minds

Hidden eye

Beauty in all under this sky

A red rose for my garden

Looks so alone now so

Sad am I for that

Red rose in my garden

Love has no future it

Has not past it merely

Has that ability to last

Beyond our dreams to

Succumb not to illusions

That attack it fast for fear

Of it’s power to change to

Bring to life and rearrange

All that could possibly be

Love has no future it

For it is all that it could

Possibly be in the now

Knowledge goes out of

Date and commons sense is

A sin have you ever stopped

To wonder what world we

Live in where children are

Commodities in life and like

Disposable husband or wife

For sure we are progressing

No longer is needed a different

Sex spouse gone are the

Days of white picket fences

And little cute houses in

This hyper age of educated

Confusion to be a norm is

A true illusion for no such

Things exists


Seek shelter if you can for

It was foretold that not any

Hand could hide the face of

Man while mountains do hide

Not knowing pride for they know

The hour is at hand and none

Bar man is foolish to stand and

Lie while in death he do stand

To be judged

Did not deaths dream of

Reality bring distant times

Of other things back into a

Future of loss and despair


Did not deaths dream of

An end to the beginning

Find open arms in the lost

Notions of charm and what

Is was to be


Did not deaths dream of

Of awakening cling to that

Notion of ability for man and

His descendants to claim back

Normality of his sprit to sing

Unto god his praises


Did not deaths dream of

Life bring about that damnation

Of plight that we have become

Accustomed to and with all

Our might have called our own

Oh hear the batter of

The night as rain beats down

On any light that dares to

Appear as thunder rolls in

A roar to quell opposition and

Finally dispel all notions of

A cure for man is woken from

His dream of disbelief in being

So clean and pure for god has

Spoken and opened up the store of

His wrath


You know we passed that

Place of no return where

Social and family boarders

Do blur in a warped sense

Of reality where hormones

Do rage and set a stage

Whereby all is destruction to

See for an audience too don’t

Stand a chance to consider their

Glance for just a while for

Their interest is truly a stage

To the vibrations of the young

As they feel the expanse of what

Lies within consumed with guilt

About feeling they label this

As sin and act the life and love

The living of the dead

I sometimes get in a thunder

Storm that feeling of nature

Calm and sure of the cleansing

Of her ways warning sounds

For those in ground and sky’s

Proclaiming her gaze upon the

Earth to wipe away the dreaded

Curse of man so unkind

Did I do wrong to choose

To let my heart be open and

My spirit you abuse with you

Games of ecstasy to touching

And holding that essence of me


Did I do wrong to choose

Not to lie and let you use

My mind and body for relief

To know of my own destruction

And not retaliate with grief

That was given in return


Did I do wrong to choose

Not to be alone and maybe

Learn that lesson that awaited

Me that one that said you knew

It was coming you did see the

Futility of it all


Did I do wrong to choose

To love you knowing it would

Hurt the very core of me that

At some point it could destroy

Me but I put my trust not in

You but in the ability of me to

Do just what I do and learn

From past mistakes


Did I do wrong to choose

To have faith not in the illusions

Of the eye but to stand there

Blindly waiting to cry those tears

Of frustration for while the mind

Does know the hearts frustration

Is in belief

Do we fall and learn to pick our

Selves up again only to imagine

That that was no end to an imaginations

Dream that crashed and burned and

Will never been seen in this times

Demonstrations of what it is to be

In frustration from mere physicality


Do we fall and learn to pick our

Fights to stand a little stronger and

Be brave in the night of darkness

That is upon the earth that man has

Brought to full circle the curse for



Do we fall and learn to pick our

Fights to weigh up the enemy in

The darkness of night to see the

Fear in the eyes to know one’s

Conquered and not be surprised

To find death sleeping in your bed


Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

From gazes from silence from spoken word

And I have to wonder and ask my self why

Could I not be like the others with blind open

Eyes not seeing the hurt or feeling the pain

Not wanting to feel to be just normal again

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I have to ask have I been blessed or am

I cursed for such are the things that the mind

Does bring to one in consideration and anticipation

Of the ways of my fellow beings

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And I am overcome with the weight of it all

No longer able to stand no longer tall in my

Capabilities for at such times my sanity does

Abandon me to this life of seclusion without

Listening ear amongst deliberate confusion

Of all that there seems to be here

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And would give in fade out disappear from

This world without a trace of my having been

Without knowledge of those things that I have

Seen but even death does avoid me not giving

Me the strength to destroy me and make it like

I never was

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am alone in this place that

One can not call home for it is not where the

Heart is but more like that place were deception

Was started with a view to my destruction

Lies deceit come to full mutation in the guise

Of those meant to help but instead they poke

And make me yep from the injuries to my mind

Sometimes I feel the heaviness of the world

And know that I am not part of this held as I

Am mere alone and captive to this degradation

Built in are notions and means for frustration

For some this is only a game but for me it is

That repetitive same of we hate you

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