I have only got three days of this summer!!!


Malachi is off to his mothers and brothers tomorrow and will be back with Isaiah on Sunday and that’s it my total time off for the summer.


Some how I have to fit in my bike test one week and my fork lift licence two days I think. Will do the bike test in Leicester and the fork lift in Colchester then can get to see the gandkids and boys at the same time. Need to chase up my daughter too as not heard from her in a while init! Wonder if it’s co’s I wanted to go down and kill her man for the way he was carrying on a few months ago pmsl!!! Still such is life init


Gonna tell you a story! So unlike me as I am not really a story teller (or any other form of entertainer for that matter lol).


Was out walking the dog a couple of Monday nights ago. Monday is usually a quiet one, still shit on the streets from the weekend, glass food an all that but not many bodies about. Bumped into this girl wid her chin cut open, said she had been fighting wid some other girls over she ramping wid there men init hahaha (kids). Anyways Simba being the nice dog that he is offered to walk her home. Poor girl was so mashed out her face that she was trying to come on to this old man wid kids older than her (jokes). While chatting wid her there was this car driving back and forth like they was looking for someone, asked the girl who it was an was they looking for her and she tell me bout don’t worry about it they only after a screw!! WTF!!! I looked at the girl and was thinking look pan you, half mash up and bleeding an man a still run you down and you too drunk to even give a serious dam about it. Took the retch home gave her the phone and told her to call someone and clean up her face an shit as her chin was covered in blood. Again co’s she so pissed she was trying it and had to tell her straight but I got a boy in the next room that is only a couple of years behind you so where you think ya going wid that lol. She tried to tell me bout it was ok as she was 22 an shit and I had to put her straight again and tell he that I was not ramping as to her I was big man and them things just don’t go on init. Two two’s the girl was on her way out the door. Ya see me while I don’t mind doing my bit I reach the age now where my bit only goes so far init and it don’t include trying to chat sense wid drunk people as they don’t have no reasoning. Having already run of the man them in the car (nice one Simba as him standing in the road had them reversing big time pissed my self) I was not concerned that something else would happen to her. See how country life good pmsl. Spent the next two weeks arranging to meet up wid this girl and give her back her handbag init, much to Malachi’s annoyance as told him straight was not meeting no young gal in park on street corner or anywhere else for that matter as to me that just aint right ya get me!!! Ended up having to go bang down some door to get rid of this dam handbag (well it was more like keeping my finger on the buzzer till I could hear people cussing and someone been told to get out of their bed and answer the door hehe). Well I wasn’t going up there init lol. Malachi know’s the girl. She one of the group them that drink an smoke down the park, usually on a weekend but this girl must have just found her freedom or some shit as she was out there often init. Not even gonna go into the stories that Malachi was telling but boy so glad that I don’t have a girl child of my own (other than my Lou) as would have to go kill a man for the kinda things that they carrying on wid now lol. Castle park is a young peoples zone and as such it’s left for them to occupy other than the odd dog walker for most of the evenings and all weekends. By the church ya get the one or two cars them park up to drop off or pick up, down by the car park ya get the chimneys dem wid the car full up aa weed smoke, when they bust the door or window is pure jokes!! Hehe often it’s more like ya can hear car doors dem lock as me an the dog draw near pmsl!!! This is a cultural thing for certain youths them who are free at such and such a time. When ever I pass through there is always the same bodies give or take a few and they always split up in the same old same old way, skaters and bikers bmx on the ramps, smokers on the benches and drinkers on the band stand. Not one of them is old enough to blow their nose good but everyone knows they are there and they are left too it. From what I hear a few of the mothers dem down here got sorted in every which way in that park for the first time init. Drink, sex an drugs. The thing is they are allowed to get on with it. Ya see the police dem up and down the high street, round by the youth club an shit, but never, never do you see them in the park or it’s car park!!! Some people are allowed to fail, given the space and encouragement to do just that. Malachi is grounded till he’s sixteen and that is the end of it. I can only pray that by then he will be able to see sense rather than just continue to do what is expected of him and what he is directed too i.e join in with the local drug dealers and carry on like a bad man!!!!  


Must squeez in a few hours somewhere to put Isaiah’s laptop back together! might even get him to give a hand as is pure entertainment needed to keep him stimulated.


Surprise surprise got another computer to fix up sharp this weekend as Isaiah’s house machine is playing up again. Should have let me format it’s sorry ass the last time I had it hear init!!! Expecting a visit from Kevin soon to do the same wid his init as I hear it aint running to good!!! Kids ya got to love um init!!! But its nice to be of some use lol!!!


Look pan dee time gone walk street wid the hound.