Contemplating contemplating those things I often do

Reflective practices of what it is to be me not you

Wondering what life has to show

Conflicting motivations for directions to go

Recognised conceptions of places I have been

Indications of those things somehow not seen

Acceptance of those incidents that have encroached

Withdrawn from interactions in personal mist growth



Forced to the surface those things back in mind

Imposed images of things no longer defined

Realisation of limits not reached

Examination of history once preached

Confusing of issues

Repression now seen

Removed are obstacles

Obscuring the dreams

Once again now visions

Of what is to come

Comfort in the knowledge

That this was the way

Things needed to be done

Safe is the concept of developing man

For I as an individual have done

All that I can

Not for you

Or the notion of greed

For mere longevity

The chance for others

To succeed



My heart is not mine own to give

No matter the motive

For it has lived a life

Experienced motivation

For love and stiff

Grown and hardened

To the cold facts of truth

Love being possessive

And reliant upon truth

Levels indicated of acceptance

Of me

Looking longing

For the person I could be

Haunted by visions of what have been

Anticipated guest the one in my dream



The hug I gave you

Was for your peace of mind

A reflection of the person


The one hidden

From others to see

The individual who

Introduced your heart

To me

You have taken

What no other has from me

A part that is yours

For all to see

Do what you will

With what was once mine

For it was your help

That enabled me define