Racist Rutland police and Leicestershire Crown Prosecution Service endorse the actions of the racist principal of Catmose College Oakham.


Not for the first time the racist police of Oakham have endorsed and pursued a case for malicious content upon a web site after racist have printed off material and presented it to the police knowing the site to be copy write protected. In the first instance it was the combination of three local racists the Chief Executive of Rutland County Council Helen Briggs, the MP for Rutland Alan Duncan and the principal of the local school Stuart Williams. In this instance it was clearly pointed out that these individuals had only got together after each being informed in their official capacity of the discriminatory practices within both the county council police and local community as a whole. Their combined official response was to have myself arrested thereby demonstrating their support and endorsement for the continuance of all discriminatory actions within the county of Rutland. In effect what they are saying is if you complain we will call those whom serve us i/e the racist police and have you arrested and detained. Which they have and continue to do. I think the forthcoming court case will be my 12th appearance before the judiciary in the last year. Those in power within this county seem willing and able to command not only the local police but also the local solicitors and barristers to not put forward any notion concept of a defence when I appear before the magistrates and it is thus that I have learned to be self representing for when individuals are prepared and willing to take an oath in court and lie until they blush one has to wonder who’s sucking what…?

My initial conviction for assault upon the racist whom not only verbally bullied and intimidated my son but allowed members of his teaching staff to add to this physical assaults and threats of intimidation is up for appeal but not satisfied with this he has once again gone running to the police claiming harassment. And despite the police stating that they are aware that my site is copy write protected they have accepted the presented evidence printed of the said site as evidence. Once again we are in the position of breaking the law in order to uphold the law. The fact that some one year later there is been no action or consideration of this racist intimidation lead by a school principal against my child is a clear indication of the continued willingness of these racist officers to endorse any action against myself or my family.

Once I receive a copy of my statement I shall be placing this upon the site for individuals to make up their own minds after consideration of the facts.