What your not my friend
No more was it something
You did or saw was it
Something I said or should
Have done instead or should
I have asked for more
What your not my friend
Now should I pretend that
I never knew you should
I now open my heart and
Take out that part that
Always reassured you that
I would be there until the
End that on me you could
Depend and no matter what
Others do say I’ll be here
For you every day now
Your yelling at me about
How unhappy you are
What your not my friend
So I’ll cover that scar with
No memory I’ll try and
Forget your the same as
Me and concentrate instead
That we all make mistakes
Even if only in our heads
And when the time does
Come you know I’ll be the
One to still hold your hand
And forever help you stand
For you will be always my