update…. this is my most visited entry of all my blogs and poems…. I settled the case against the police out of court and have another two pending… the case against Rutland County Council was buried once in Notthingham county court whom outright refused to contact or converse with me and then the same again six months later by Melton Mobray County Court whom continue to make judgements upon the case even though it is out of their jurisdiction… as long as I have breath I will continue but to say that I am experiencing the same from every government department that I have the misfortune to come into contact with would be just telling it how it is and has been in these parts for god knows how long….!

the original entry can be found at https://43spiders.wordpress.com/2008/04/20/the-oldest-families-in-england-own-rutland-and-run-it-how-they-like/

I have been granted leave by a Nottingham Judge to take both Rutland County Council and Rutland Police to court for discriminatory practices!!!

There is not a solicitor in the country not even the CRE whom are now England Help Line (pmsl) whom are willing to come and take on some of the oldest families in England.

So as fucking always I am having to go it alone!!!

If I should go missing one night, have an accident, be put away as mad or end up in prison then you know why init as money talks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!